• Name:  Makori Isurus
  • Age: 9 sweeps
  • Gender: Female
  • Voice Claim:  None
  • Power(If applicable): Makori has no sense of smell. In its place she can sense electrical fields much like a shark.
  • Height: 5’7
  • Blood Color: Violet
  • Strife Specibus:  Hookkind
  • Fetch Modus: Swear- Makori has to curse profusely to draw out items.
  • Sign: Piscus Austrinus
  • Lusus: Sharkmom
  • Trolltag: flawlessAcrobat
  • Quirk: Capitolizes W, N, M, aNd V, since they remind her of shark teeth
  • Dancestor:  Orioke Isurus
  • Ancestor: Carcha “Sawshark” Valkyr
  • Personality/Backstory: 
    Makori is an underwater hunter with very high agility and grace. Sweeps of hunting with her lusus have made her into quite the elegant fighter AND dancer.

    Makori is quite shy and has very little confidence in herself. Because of this, she’s spent sweeps convincing herself that she’s royalty and is entitled to whatever she wants. She has become rather forceful, believing that if she should have it, she can take it.

    This has led to some VERY poor decision making that ended with the entire rest of her SGRUB group vilifying her. Every death in their sessions was, either directly or indirectly, her fault.

    For the longest time Makori compared herself to her ancestor Sawshark, and was deeply ashamed that she never could live up to that name. However, after an encounter with Orioke in the dream bubbles, she learned to embrace her true nature and return to the group after intense apologies and promises to make up for her mistakes.

Got my 5Ds box and actually pulled doubles TWICE (Odin and Aslla Piscu)

Got one Junk and a Mono Synchron, got a lot of trading to do tomorrow

Also a Secret Wonder Magician, I can probably trade the Magic Planter because of all the Fire Fist players, an Ultra Stardust since I like my Gold one better

One guys looking for Blackwings he’ll want this Sirocco