the signs as real witches
  • Aries:Agnes Waterhouse// Had a deal with the Devil and wasn't afraid to say so. The Brave witch.
  • Taurus:Joan Wytte// Clairvoyant and healer who eventually became possessed by the Devil, getting involved in many fights.
  • Gemini:Marie Laveau// Voodoo Queen. Performed necromancy, mind control, telekinesis and pinning.
  • Cancer:Chedipe// Witch-vampire who rode on tigers in the moonlight, choosing houses to visit to cast spells on men.
  • Leo:Agnes Sampson// Tried to sink the ship of Queen Anne, wife of King James VI of England.
  • Virgo:Isobel Gowdie// Could control the weather and would often write poetry about witch practices. Allegedly marked by the Devil.
  • Libra:Circe// Transformed random sailors into wolves and lions and all kinds of animals.
  • Scorpio:Mother Shipton// Clairvoyant, sorceress. An outcast with a great talent.
  • Sagittarius:Maret Jonsdotter// Frequently tricked men. Attended witch sabbaths.
  • Capricorn:Alice Kyteler// Poisoned her rich husbands, disappeared the night before her execution.
  • Aquarius:Angele de la Barthe// Allegedly had sex with the Devil.
  • Pisces:Catherine La Voisin// Fortune Teller & Love Potions expert. Plotted to murder Louis XIV.
the signs as celebrity power couples
  • Aries:Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone
  • Taurus:Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel
  • Gemini:Kim Kardashian & Kanye West
  • Cancer:Portia de Rossi & Ellen DeGeneres
  • Leo:Beyonce & Jay Z
  • Virgo:Barack Obama & Michelle Obama
  • Libra:David Beckham & Victoria Beckham
  • Scorpio:Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt
  • Sagittarius:Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith
  • Capricorn:Prince William & Kate Middleton
  • Aquarius:Amal Clooney & George Clooney
  • Pisces:Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis
things that make the signs happy
  • Aries:being loved, having money to burn, new clothes, books, personalized gifts, red roses
  • Taurus:receiving gifts of value, sensual pleasures, savoring the moment, well tried routines
  • Gemini:being free, having a good chat, acting as devils advocate, travel, knowledge, being among friends
  • Cancer:gourmet food, shopping trips, being with family, being demonstrated affection
  • Leo:receiving birthday cards, children and pets, an appreciative audience, sincere compliments
  • Virgo:being well groomed, self improving, tiny animals, helping others, using nice soaps
  • Libra:being admired, having people around, pleasing surroundings, receiving notes/cards/flowers
  • Scorpio:being acknowledged, sex, knowing secrets, mysteries
  • Sagittarius:attending parties, flirting with others, being on the move, having freedom
  • Capricorn:new books, sexual love, having privacy, being regarded as the best, being responsible
  • Aquarius:being recognized, rainbows, weird friends, privacy, seeing the world change in a positive way
  • Pisces:having the freedom to drift along from time to time, being loved, sunsets over the sea/mountain vistas
How to Tell The Signs Like You

Aries: Lots of hugs.  They will often challenge you, whether this is challenging your beliefs or trying to prove their worth by winning a game.  They get jealous easily and may come off as harsh when they see you flirting with or giving attention to someone else.  They will think about you more than they like to admit.  They will want to be updated with what’s going on in your life, and will actually show interest in your routines/interactions with others.  There is a good chance these guys will just tell you how they feel.

Taurus: They’ll ask for your opinions on things and will try to hold stimulating conversations with you. All of your quirks and bad habits will become cute to them.  They will look at you like you are this special human being who must be protected at all costs.  Sometimes they’ll make fun of you, but all good natured.  You will consume their thoughts.  They will compliment you on things they admire about you in an almost-manipulative way of letting you know who they want you to be. All earth signs are somewhat manipulative.  Taurus’ are just so sweet when they like someone, please don’t hurt them, they constantly fear that once they open up, they’ll be misunderstood or rejected, so don’t be discouraged by a more reserved presence. This is why they want to know so much about you.

Gemini: Witty and talkative.  You may think they are always this way, but if they like you, you’ll see it in their eyes.  They can be absolutely weird when talking to their crush.  They let their guard down.  They’ll try to treat you like just another friends if they don’t want to be too obvious about it, but still they’ll pay more attention to what you have to say.  They can be touchy, similar to Leos, but more spontaneous.  Be careful with Geminis, they look at love as an experience/adventure; they are most likely to lead someone on for the thrill of it.  They’ll also be really supportive and encourage you to go after what you want.  They want the best for you.

Cancer: Shy and so sweet.  All of their friends are 100% aware that they like you.  You can probably know more about how a cancer feels about you by observing how their friends act around you.  They are not exactly coy, but more cautious.  Lots of soft eyes and smiles.  They won’t hesitate to ask if you’re okay or how you’re doing, unless they doubt themselves.  If you see them looking at you, they are trying to figure out what to say to you or a way to subtly interact with you. They fear rejection, so they are probably least likely to make the first move.

Leo: They’ll probably flat out tell you that they like you.  Everyone within earshot will know it. They get really touchy feely and will play games with you.  Footsies under the table.  They will say some things and you’ll be like what the fuck are you talking about, but forgive them, it’s their way of being nervous, even if they don’t know it.  They’ll want to be around you. They will make more eye contact than they typically would with other people.  If they really like you, they’ll adopt this special “voice” which they will only talk to you in.  It’s often softer, sweeter, and really irresistible.  They can be SO protective (it’s adorable)!! They also try to impress you and it may come off as arrogant, but it’s actually so cute ‘cause they just want you to see how great they are.

Virgo:  They will challenge you, but not in the same way that Aries does.  Virgos tend to display their more negative qualities (sometimes on accident) to see if you are worth their time.  They tend to be very insecure, so they need to know that you will stand by them at their worst.  They will certainly pick out your flaws if they like you and may be harder on you because they want you to be the best you that you can be.  They may tag along with your friend group to be around you.  They often misinterpret feelings so they may share the “hot and cold” nature that Capricorns have because they are paranoid.  They’ll open up to you just a bit more than they would with others.  They want to make sure you stimulate them intellectually before they get too serious, this is important to them.

Libra: This is a toughy because Libras are generally very charming and likable people.  A good way to determine whether they like you is by asking around- if a Libra likes you, they will never say no when asked by others if they like you (unless they have good reason).  They will try to be around you frequently and will try to show you their best side.  They will treat you differently than other people if they like you, so watch out for any soft voices or loving eyes that they save for only a special someone.  

Scorpio: If they give you any special attention at all, this is a good sign.  Scorpios are typically indifferent to people who do not interest/benefit them in the slightest.  Scorpios are known for their impulsive wit and charm, but can be a bit more awkward (in a cute way) and less witty around their crush.  EYES EYES EYES. Expect intense eye contact and lots of “subtle” staring from a smitten Scorpio.  They are very protective, sometimes even possessive over their crush.  Their eyes will light up with curiosity or lust at the mention of you.

Sagittarius: They try extra hard to make you laugh.  They can be very childish and just want you to see the adventure in everything.  They will try to impress you with their random acquired skills, which can range from being able to identify every bird in sight to the capability of balancing a pencil on their nose for several minutes.  Sometimes they stutter or are more shy around the person they like, which is a telltale because Sags are nearly always outgoing or at least projective of what’s going on with them.  They will compliment you a lot.  They will try to be what they think you want<—-Capricorns do this too, but they merely deduce your personality and accentuate the features they think you’ll appreciate. While Sags think they are doing what Capricorns do so well, they really need to find someone who will accept them for who they are.

Capricorn: They will be very hot and cold.  One day, they can be outrageous and flirty and coy, but you can bet your life that they will go home and overthink it and the next day they will give their utmost effort to avoid you or seem indifferent towards you.  This is because Capricorns have a superiority complex, and sometimes a crush makes them feel weak; they are afraid of getting hurt so they will never act too smitten for too long.  This is why most Capricorns will not admit to their feelings until they are secure in the fact that you feel the same way.  A Capricorn will also try to help you and give you advice, not because they think you are wrong or in need of actual help, but because they care about your well being and want you to live the best life you can.  They will try to impress you with their unique talents or philosophies.  They can be very coy and charming.  Intense eye contact (they honestly believe they can seduce you with their eyes).  They are chivalrous regardless of gender; they love holding doors for their crush (like literally all of them do this).  Side note: they will never forget a single thing you say or do.  Ever.

Aquarius: They will want to hang around you.  They tend to be more reserved emotionally, but will mess around with you to cope.  Like gemini, they will encourage you to go after what they think is best for you.  If you are currently interested in someone else, a crushing Aquarius will not be too fond of said person and try to convince you that you “deserve better.” They will not let conversations die.  Aquarians don’t have the greatest attention span so they definitely admire you in some way if they hold convos with you, especially over text.  Lots of laughter too!! Lots of staring, they probably won’t even look away when you make eye contact with them.  Actually, they may just laugh out loud. They are often more courteous of you than they are with others.

Pisces: Think coy and giggly. They are the ultimate dreamers and will utterly want to share these dreams and desires with you.  They can be pretty awkward, but it’s cute.  They’ll try to look their best around you.  They get a bit shy, but are almost always in a flirty mood.  Lots of poking and material stealing and cute doodles.  They are the epitome of a “middle school crush” if you get what I mean.  The boys tend to be this way more than the girls because sometimes the girls consider it childish.  Sometimes.  They are most likely to stalk you on social media.  Pisces flirt immensely through technology, and are great at sending cute texts or messages.  This is often because they stutter or withdraw in real life.  If they are single and ready to mingle, you’ll know, with frequent sighs and several exclamations of “no one likes me” followed by insecure laughter.  Basically, they’re cute.

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how the signs react to tumblr astrology posts
  • aries:believes them all
  • taurus:reblogs every single one they see
  • gemini:never gets their preferred caption
  • cancer:agrees with all of them 100%
  • leo:probably hates the whole concept
  • virgo:actually searches for them
  • libra:is a total astrology nerd
  • scorpio:always gets the most evil captions
  • sagittarius:is disgusted by how true they are
  • capricorn:probably has their own astrology blog
  • aquarius:always pissed because their sign is usually forgotten
  • pisces:thinks their sign's posts are too boring
Signs as Lyrics from Blank Space (Requested)
  • Aries:So it's gonna be forever. Or it's gonna go down in flames. You can tell me when it's over. If the high was worth the pain.
  • Taurus:Saw you there and I thought oh my god. Look at that face, you look like my next mistake.
  • Gemini:Screaming, crying, perfect storms. I could make all the tables turn. Rose garden filled with thorns. Keep you second guessing like oh my god...
  • Cancer:Got a long list of ex-lovers. They'll tell you I'm insane. Cause you know I love the players. And you love the game.
  • Leo:New money, suit and tie. I can read you like a magazine. Ain't it funny rumors fly. And I know you heard about me.
  • Virgo:Find out what you want. Be that girl for a month. But the worst is yet to come.
  • Libra:Cherry lips. Crystal skies. I could show you incredible things.
  • Scorpio:Who is she? I get drunk on jealousy. But you'll come back each time you leave. Cause darling I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream.
  • Sagittarius:So hey, let's be friends. I'm dying to see how this one ends. Grab your passport and my hand. I could make the bad guys good for a weekend.
  • Capricorn:Stolen kisses, pretty lies. You're the king baby I'm your queen.
  • Aquarius:Nice to meet you. Where you been? I could show you incredible things. Magic, madness, heaven, sin.
  • Pisces:It'll leave you breathless. Or with a nasty scar.
the signs as smells

aries- the smell of sunscreen

taurus- the smell of a blown out match

gemini- the smell of spring flowers

cancer- the smell of the heater turning on during winter

leo- the smell of a cake in the oven

virgo- the smell of old books

libra- the smell of fall 

scorpio- the smell of wet pavement

sagittarius- the smell of christmas morning

capricorn- the smell of a bakery

aquarius- the smell of rain

pisces- the smell of cedar wood

The Signs Trying To Be Cool


TAURUS: *wears sunglasses and winks at everyone*

GEMINI: Heeeeeyyyyyyyyyyy

CANCER: *changes personality*

LEO: *grabs random kid* AYYYYY MA BOI

VIRGO: *tries to do a cool thing but fails in the process*

LIBRA: Yeah, I can totally do that, that’s easy! Pffffffff

SCORPIO: *seductively stares into your soul while raising eyebrows*

SAGITTARIUS: *strikes a pose*

CAPRICORN: *Chills out near the cool people to look cool* hey guys

AQUARIUS: *Does something ridiculous*

PISCES: *Leans on a wall and stares into space*

  • aries:I heard you crying loud. All the way across town. You've been searching for that someone and it's me out on the prowl. As you sit around feeling sorry for yourself.
  • taurus:I walk a lonely road, the only one that I have ever known. Don't know where it goes, but it's home to me and I walk alone.
  • gemini:She's a rebel, she's a saint. She's the salt of the earth and she's dangerous.
  • cancer:Here comes the rain again, falling from the stars. Drenched in my pain again, becoming who we are. As my memory rests, but never forgets what I lost. Wake me up when September ends.
  • leo:Oh, nice guys finish last, when you are the outcast. Don't pat yourself on the back, you might break your spine.
  • virgo:Do you have the time, to listen to me whine? About nothing and everything all at once? I am one of those melodramatic fools. Neurotic to the bone, no doubt about it.
  • libra:I'm elated, medicated. I am my own worst enemy. So what ails you is what impales you; you are your own worst enemy. You're a victim of your symptom; you are your own worst enemy.
  • scorpio:Well I'm not stoned, I'm just fucked up. I got so high, I can't stand up. I'm not cursed 'cause I've been blessed. I'm not in love cause I'm a mess.
  • sagittarius:I beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies. This is the dawning of the rest of our lives.
  • capricorn:I pledge allegiance to the underworld. One nation underdog, there of which I stand alone. A face in the crowd, unsung, against the mold. Without a doubt, singled out, the only way I know.
  • aquarius:You may find out that your self-doubt means nothing was ever there. You can't keep forcing something if it's just not right.
  • pisces:Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road. Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go. So make the best of this test, and don't ask why. It's not a question, but a lesson learned in time.
The Signs Play Skyrim
  • Aries:Kills everything. Literally, everything. Anything that crosses their path, they’ll relentlessly chase down and kill it. Uses destruction magic to set shit on fire. Plays along the general main quest and punches dragons in unarmed attacks just because they can. They often get carried away and accidentally hurt NPCs so they always have a bounty on them somewhere. Fuck walkthroughs. They like to charge blindly into the next room and fight anything that comes after them.
  • Taurus:Only ever does one quest at a time (unless they happen to be in the same area as another quest’s destination). Stops to pick up loot from EVERY body. Has a massive hoard of something weird like bread or forks in their house.
  • Gemini:Tries to evenly level up each of their classes. Uses uesp walkthroughs in each quest/location to prepare themselves for what lies ahead. Often is overwhelmed with side quests. Also has no sympathy for the NPCs. Will deliberately fuck with all of them. They either are casual players or are addicted to the game there is no in between.
  • Cancer:Incapable of choosing rude dialogue. Gets married and adopts children. Takes screenshots and gifs of scenery. Likes to do alchemy and enchanting. Generally a peaceful player that avoids doing fighting, but when they fight an enemy that has hurt some of the NPCs, they are RUTHLESS.
  • Leo:Becomes thane in every hold, surrounds themselves with as many followers as they can (including dogs and horses) so that they do the fighting for them. Only wears the coolest looking armor and expensive jewelry. Bought all the houses and manors and decked them out with all the furnishings.
  • Virgo:Has only one house, but meticulously organizes EVERYTHING in it. Gathers all the herbs they find on their travels and stores them in their own barrels and sacks and knows where everything is. Goes hunting often. There are so many questlines that they tend to just avoid doing most quests altogether to prevent themselves from starting something they can’t finish. When they choose their class, they are awesome at sticking to it. When they go into a cave or dungeon or wherever, they leave no survivors.
  • Libra:Gets really addicted to the game. Plays for days and weeks on end. Masters everything. Finds hacks and mods. Really likes the skyrim memes; they’ve probably made a few of their own. Pickpockets the clothes off of people. Steals everything from a town and dumps it all in the nearest body of water just for fun. Can never decide which quest to do so they just do their own thing. Likes to watch famous youtubers do skyrim walkthroughs.
  • Scorpio:They’re probably a mage class character, but really likes sneaking too. Loves to study the lore of the game. Collects at least one copy of each book in the game. With the Dawnguard extension, they’ve joined the vampires. They’re also in the Dark Brotherhood. Brews poisons and has memorized most of the recipes. Knows how to write in daedric. They’ve probably written lusty argonian maid fanfic though.
  • Sagittarius:Has explored ALL of the locations in the game. They don’t focus so much on leveling up or going with the gameplay, rather, they like to try everything the game has to offer. They can get really into the game, because they love how open rpgs are, but they get bored fast and will suddenly stop playing for weeks or months before picking it back up and getting into it again. They have multiple save files as different races and classes. In the beginning of the game, they procrastinate going to the jarl of whiterun so that they can explore places without dragons first.
  • Capricorn:Will not put the game down until the main quest is defeated. They like to choose one skill and max it out before going on to the next. They also like going up really steep mountainsides because they are too lazy to find a path. Like the Leo, they like to be the best at the game, but they hardly have any followers because they just get in the way. Besides, when they get a victory, they want the pride of being the ones who earned it.
  • Aquarius:Hunters. They like to challenge themselves with killing difficult enemies. Giants and mammoths being their primary targets. They’ll go around to each camp and clear them out and sell almost all the loot to buy more arrows and other weapons. They are often assassins, and they can get away with killing people undetected every time. Deliberately chooses the rude dialogue options because being an asshole is fun (I mean, they’re not really hurting anyone so why not?)
  • Pisces:Is usually an argonian or khajiit (or any other non-human. the less human, the better). Skyrim is perfect for them, not only because the fantasy aspect fits their imaginative personality, but also because it is an rpg that allows them to really escape into the game. They play the game slowly, but that’s just so they can take in the beauty of the story and the scenery and everything. They often create intricate backstories to their characters, and they take every decision made seriously. However, they should watch out because they get so engrossed with the game that they forget to save and end up losing hours of work.
the signs in a relationship // friendship with an aquarius

Aries: they could be the best of friends tbh. the aries’ energy will often motivate the aquarius. the aries will make the aquarius start and try new things, which is very rare for an aquarius since they love to be original. the aries may come off as intense to the aquarius, and they could often clash due to their strong minds and opinions. as lovers, they could take the world if they wanted to. aries and aquarius would be so strongly bonded together and they would be immensely attracted to each other. they would be the type of couple where nothing could come between them or break them.

Taurus: putting these two together is so funny. they always make each other want to pee their pants i swear. the taurus really cheers up the aquarius at times tbh. the taurus doesn’t really understand the aquarius, but knows why the aquarius does certain things. they would be in a very supportive relationship. they’re both really laid-back and they’re down for pretty much anything. the taurus could be too possessive for the aquarius, since the aquarius loves freedom. although they may disagree on various things, they always want each other to know that they’re there for a shoulder to cry on or whatever it is that the other needs.

Gemini: god they really get along so well. honestly, they have the best times together and almost never have problems. the aquarius and gemini would make each other laugh so much. they are the best of friends and can often talk to each other easily. they’re so adventurous together and would honestly take on the world. they can help each other and also make each other better. the aquarius and gemini have such a mental attraction and they’re both interested in each other intellectually. they can be very honest with each other. they just know each other. 20/10 tbh.

Cancer: the aquarius would probably feel the need to hug the cancer all the time. their friendship is extremely supportive and they always listen to each other. they may have some rough patches and the cancer may hold a bit of a grudge, but if the aquarius tries to patch it back up then it’s all good. the cancer could get mad if the aquarius is too distant. besides all of that, they’re super sweet towards each other and they could be so cute omg. the cancer could get too emotional for the aquarius however; the aquarius learns to open up their emotions from the cancer and the cancer causes the aquarius to communicate better.

Leo: literally the complete opposites. they could love each other or want to rip each other’s throats out. they would definitely have an instant and strong attraction, but that may not last very long. the aquarius is very detached and it could cause the leo to become sensitive, since leos are involved and personal people. they are both stubborn people. it’s generally an unpredictable and exciting relationship. there is never a dull moment between them. they would constantly be exploring new things together. the aquarius and leo’s arguments can go on for a long duration. it can be nice and calm, but they could just clash too much sometimes.

Virgo: definitely partners in crime. they actually get along pretty well sometimes. the virgo could have a bit of an attitude tho and the aquarius may not like that. the virgo can be too loving to the fact that the aquarius gets super annoyed bc the virgo could constantly be up their ass about stuff. the virgo is extremely structured and scheduled, so the aquarius may not feel comfortable about that. they both share the fact that they rarely show their feelings, so they’d make perfect friends or lovers since they wouldn’t expect each other to share their feelings.

Libra: the attraction between these two is so strong. this pairing is super cute. they get along really well and could be such great friends. it would be a very solid friendship or relationship. they are super similar in some ways and that’s why they like each other. they really have such a great time and the libra would probably make the aquarius do some crazy stuff tbh. the libra provides balance and structure for the aquarius, which is really good. the aquarius would be hooked since the libra is so charming and charismatic. it’s overall just a phenomenal pairing.

Scorpio: it’s a very challenging relationship, but it would be worth it in the end. the scorpio and aquarius are both really stubborn. they could overcome obstacles if they work together.  the aquarius likes the passion and commitment that the scorpio can give. the scorpio could get a little bit frustrated with the fact that the aquarius is very detached. the scorpio can be way too possessive and jealous for the aquarius. it would be a good friendship it think, but in a relationship they could literally argue for hours. they both have very different approaches and goals in life.

Sagittarius: such a passionate and chill relationship. they literally get along with each other so well. they’re so adventurous together and would constantly try new things and would just be all over the place. the sagittarius and aquarius both have a rebellious nature, hence the reason why they get along so well. they would always have a story to tell together. they make amazing memories. the sagittarius is very easy for the aquarius to talk to since the sagittarius is super chill and really helpful at times too. it’s such a cute pairing. they would bond over the weirdest stuff and constantly make each other laugh. they’d have tons of inside jokes. the aquarius and sagittarius are just generally outgoing together.

Capricorn: this pair could either be a disaster or it could be the sweetest thing ever. they either love or hate each other and there is no in between. when they love each other, they have each other’s backs forever. if the love is strong, they could forgive each other easily if they ever did something wrong. the capricorn is super protective of the aqua and hopes that no one hurts the aquarius. if they hate each other, they could constantly be at each other’s throats and the aquarius could be extremely sarcastic and rude at times. their arguments could get so heated. they’re both very strong and stubborn people, which can cause them to clash at times.

Aquarius: two aquas together could literally rule the world. they’re the only sign who understand aquas since they are one of them. they also open up more to people who actually get what they’re going through. they make each other feel less crazy and are honestly the best people to go to for advice. both of them really respect each other and know that you can’t tell them to do something since they’ll do the complete opposite. they share tons of opinions with each other and most of them are the same ideas. they’re always there for each other and it’s just really nice.

Pisces: the aquarius thinks the pisces is super cute. they have a really intense sexual attraction tbh. they are both intellectual and bond together very well. they compliment each other well and fill the traits that the other lacks. the pisces and aquarius could share dreams together and the need to help human life. the pisces could be too emotional for the aquarius, causing the aquarius to become aloof and distant. all in all, they could just be really great friends and make each other improve.