Let’s be honest. Free Fall happened because I wanted to dress John and Sherlock up. 

Oh yeah, John’s hidden blade (originally his dad’s) got a modification. The idea for a phantom blade was scrapped and was replaced by the chain blade, the original design for the ac3 hidden blade, but which was removed because they thought it was too advanced. but since it will make john more bamf, i’m putting it there. I’m all for making John even more bamf. I’m a geek I know, but I’m also fucking fabulous.

alibraryismyparadise - here is the aesthetic i mentioned i might make. Hope you like it!

Note: I have never made any aesthetics before, so i wasnt sure on the rules of using images. i am very sorry if i have used your image/s, and i am happy to remove/delete etc if that is your wish. like i said before, this is my first so yeah…

also, i quite enjoyed making this, so if people have suggestions/requests, i might give some a go.

anonymous asked:

But can we see Mike returning Foxy's affections

Depends on the Mike really-

This Mike would probably end up thinking of non-canon foxy as just big dangerous puppy- and that’s it

Ram Mikey would probably be okay with returning Foxy’s affections in the way that foxy would be trying to reach- ram mike is just easily startled