stained-mechanic-arthur-kingsmen asked:

Do you have anything for eye patches?

There are tutorials for drawing pirates, which usually include eyepatches. But they only really show one kind of patch, only the front view, and not much detail :/

So, here’s a quick diagram of how an eye patch fits around a head:

And here are a few different styles:


It’s here, the very first graduation film of 2015: “Parrot Away”, the tale of a painfully plain parrot and his fabulously flamboyant pirate! A cute, hilarious and really rather wonderful 3D love letter to classic 2D cartoons.


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Nora gets a little bit more than she bargained for when stowing away on a ship at Port Royal, Jamaica; she’s boarded a pirate ship! The crew strangely has more women than men, not to mention captained by a fierce woman named Frei. Fitting in with these rough sailors isn’t the worst of Nora’s troubles though, as she begins to find out the truths of the ocean she will begin to call home…

Ahoy mateys! The ENTIRE first chapter of  my new webcomic Broadside has now gone live!! If adventure, humor and queer ladies of all colors, shapes and sizes are your thing, then this is the comic for you!! 

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