Songs of the Sea

…The sky it flashed, heave ho, heave ho, 
His pillow toed to the brink. 
The curtains ran between my legs as we began to sink. 
I closed my eyes, heave ho, heave ho, 
As the ship was rent and fell. 
Eddies in the water headed to the mouth of Hell…

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I feel like its crazy dream week...

I had a dream that Min and I were badass lesbian pirates on the open sea, just having a blast, robbing little merchant ships and gorging on wine. Then we got attacked by a much bigger gang of pirates (I think they were Mongolian or something). They took our ship and locked Min up in their dank dungeon and decided that the short white girl (dat me) would be the perfect little slave to dump all the chores on (and boy was their ship nasty.). So, I used my ability to freely walk about the ship to go and break out Min and sneak into the captains cabin. The captain, being a huge greasy perv, thought I was going in there to get some D and started whipping off his pants and then Min was all “Shame the captain has to die with his pants down.” And shanked the guy with his own cutlass. And thus, Min killed the captain and took control of his crew and we got a sweet new ship (once it was cleaned up). Yarrrr.

Please ignore the bad singing of Corrin the bard.

I’ve come to tell you a tale or two

of a fearsome pirate crew!

We’re the most feared in all the land

and across the eleventy seas.

We’re not to be messed with

or poked in the rear.

We’ve dragons, and elves, and a dwarf even too!

Our Kraken Queen captain

is glaring at me.

So I’d best stop this singing.

Come drink more with me!