Splash Pirates is a name given to an unknown ride that has appeared in the above concept art for Shanghai Disneyland. Speculators are saying that it’s most likely a Pirates of the Caribbean mega-ride that would replace Splash Mountain in the new park. 

More concept art (shown below) has been released that suggests Disney is planning an actual Pirateland, perhaps in replace of the traditional Adventureland. There are rumors that it would include a Pirate-style Haunted Mansion, as well as the show Fantasmic.


Concept art for the unbuilt Pirateland for Hong Kong Disneyland.

Imagineers thought the Chinese would not be familiar with the cowboy archetype so Frontierland was never built. Pirateland was to be Frontierlands replacement and would be focused around the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

The land would include Port Royale, Skull Rock and A full sized pirate ship. Along with these a Pirates of the Caribbean attraction would be built and would be a mix between America’s version and a more thrilling flume experience like Splash Mountain.