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1. Do you have any pets? : Do my siblings count lol?

2. Video Games - Do you have any? : Nah

3. Are you an artist? (drawing, music, sculpting, etc.) : Not officially no,but I do have an artistic point of view…whatever that means.

4. What is the color of your room? : Antique white 

5. Do you like your room or do you cover the walls? : I cover one wall with paintings, magazine clippings, posters, maps , movie tickets etc. Its a giant collage of memories .

6. What country you live in? : MURICA

7. Famous people crushes (real and/or fictional)? : Ed Sheeran, Jensen Ackles, Harry Motherfuckin Styles, Rupert Grint ,Rita Ora, The  Heimsworth brothers, ASAP, Miguel.

8. Favorite number 0 through 100? : 3,7,6,14,16,35

9. Favorite movies? : Pirates of the Caribbean Series, Titanic, My Dog Skip, The Green Mile, O brother where art thou , Back to the future series, Life as we know it, How to Train your dragon. Anything Historical.

10. Do you know the muffin man ? Yes my nigga he lives on Drury Lane.

My Questions?

  1. Name?
  2. What makes you get up each morning?
  3. Current Obsessions?
  4. Have you had Any adventures so far this summer?
  5. If yes, Who, What, When,Where? Why? If no, then why haven’t you?
  6. Favorite Genres of music?
  7. Do you know any really bad knock knock jokes?
  8. Have trouble sleeping at night?
  9. Favorite Author?
  10. Reasons as to why Soulja boy is still famous ?

//Alright so I promised my 50th follower that I’d write them a small fanfic, but I don’t know who followed me first so it’s whoever send me an inbox first out of pass-the-joint-man and pirategeek5550. Hurry up and send me something you want me to write! It can be from any fandom (unless I have no idea what that fandom is) and any pairing, any storyline, whatever. Just give me a little something to go on and I’ll do it.