"Walter Emmanuel Jones and Jason David Frank (original Black and Green Rangers respectively) were both separate guest stars on the 90’s Sitcom Family Matters. They appeared in the episodes “Teachers Pet” were Walter  had made a quick cameo and the episode “Karate Kids” where Jason had played as a member of “The Piranhas” a bully group, which had kept Urkel and 3j from the park."

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sparrow God, leashed wings

Tongs and tingles- frail and wrought with

Smattered lewd- crisp red matted, in spots

And splits, tumbled brine of flitted wink-

Contour chamber, lilting chink- to dread

This courtier, this bedded link-

In mild-eyed midst of tawny rose twist,

To ache and edge, I preen the belle-

Escorted brim toward mewling lure,

Sapphire quip and bliss angel taut-

At June’s meddled fragrant, she spurns

Sleeping lepers- Bible-minded scorns

And pages curled, reformed- built

Skeptical purr, loose frit to detain-

Cackling piranha of deft, lurid meat- spent

Slurping in love, lying nimbly at her feet-

Crazed limbo-whipped haven, rocked swell,

Beckoned forth- harmed nobly in sorrow,

Sparrow God, leashed wings.


Работы художника, скрывающегося под никнеймом wednesdaywolf.

Довольно необычная рисовка. Напомнила мне детство, когда в садике на занятиях по изо мы капали краску на лист бумаги, брали коктейльные трубочки и гнали капли гуаши по “холсту”. Таким способом рисовали всякие деревья. Получалось здорово, особенно для меня, так как для рисования кистями я был слишком криворук)