Writing Pirates - A Resource List

A helpful list of resources for all your fictional victorian piracy needs, brought to you by writingandresources! 

(The sources on this particular list is mostly relevant to European pirates of the 16th and 17th centuries only, not modern or Asian pirates. Some sources are from the Victorian era (1800’s) but should help put things in perspective. Take with a grain of salt, and keep this in mind even when writing fantasy stories!)






How I became “That Antisocial Girl” in my weekend letterpress class.

Comics are beautiful and intricate stories and artwork that you can HAVE so EASILY for way less than they’re worth, and if you’re going to steal them anyway, please just don’t talk to me about it or call yourself “into” them thanks.

(This guy was a “designer,” too. No excuse.)

But letterpress is really fun.

thebeatmesa said:

Do you have information on Caribbean pirates that weren't white dudes? Or slaves brought to the Caribbean who became pirates? Books I'm reading mention that they existed, but don't give me any details.


West Indies

I really don’t know who came up with the idea that the Caribbean was somehow devoid of people of color, considering that’s basically the majority of people who lived there. Not that pirates were necessarily from that area, but yeah the ubiquitous whiteness idea is a far cry from the truth. As is the “everyone was men” idea.

Rough demographics of pirates during the Golden Age of Piracy

Okay, but can we talk about the time that a game studio released a pirated version of its game (a game development sim) on The Pirate Bay that basically made the player lose more and more money due to piracy until they inevitably went bankrupt. 


And then players went to message boards etc. to ask about how they could stop losing so much money to piracy and it was basically the most beautifully ironic thing that we will ever witness in our brief lifetimes.



The independent film world is a fragile ecosystem. It allows for unique experiences and challenging stories to be told by bold filmmakers in adventurous and often unproven ways. Studio films do not take the same risks. But this adventurousness, this ability to surprise us, is why we love indie movies. By supporting this ecosystem, we are supporting the possibility of original, rewarding experiences that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Ti West

Filmmaker Ti West (The Sacrament, The Innkeepers) on why piracy hurts indie film.

3DS Homebrew Channel delayed ⊟

No big surprise here — at least with the rational among us — that coder Smealum has postponed the Homebrew Channel’s launch due to the upcoming release of the New 3DS. The hack promises to enable both new and old 3DSes to load homebrew apps/games (not commercial or pirated software), and could eventually circumvent the handheld’s region-locking.

But waiting until he has the updated hardware in his hands to test before releasing the hack allows Smealum to not only ensure the new system won’t lock out the Homebrew Channel, but also potentially find a way for the hack to tap into the portable’s additional power.

"I’ve worked way too long and hard on this to throw it away," says Smealum. “This exploit is our best chance to get a look at the new 3DS coming out in one month. Using this as an entrypoint … gives us a fighting chance to defeat whatever new shit might be in there.”

Smealum doesn’t expect to delay the release into 2015. The 3DS Homebrew Launcher image above, by the way, is a mock-up from Soully.

IMPORT New Nintendo 3DS White / Black (3DS XL Blue / Black)
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It’s interesting when game developers go out their way to implement interesting methods to tackle videogame piracy. 

"Like Doc Brown’s time machine or a bitchin’ singing voice, copyright law is an incredible power that can be used for both good and evil."

3 Insane Ways Companies Are Using Copyrights to Bully You

#3. The Whole Point of Anti-Piracy Measures Is to Stop You from Doing Legal Things

That’s not just speculation — an actual empirical study found that DRM is stopping more legal things from happening than illegal things. A blind woman who couldn’t get her screen reader to read aloud the Bible e-book that she had legally purchased ended up being forced to pirate a copy. Of the Bible.

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