Talk about your most favourite video game character(s)

Jimmy & Pipotchi - Featured in “Ape Escape 2”

I’ve grown attached to this dynamic duo ever since April 27th, 2004. (The day I first played the game on my PS2 with my little brother.) From their cute appearances to their awesome personalities, they’ve certainly changed my life for the better of it. The Ape Escape series and spin-offs are the only games I ever obsess about no matter what’s happening in it. Even the anime! (Although these two characters didn’t get to make it to the animated series.)

I was taught to never give up on my goals no matter how hard. If you really want something to get done, you have to make it happen.

Friendship in that game was precious. I knew that I had to treat my friends with respect and care and hope for their safety is always present.

Overall, I enjoyed it all and hope that other Ape Escape fans out there appreciate what all their favourite characters have to offer. I’ll never forget them even if I try. ♥

See ya~!

Jimmy & Pipotchi drawn LIVE by Saber-Chan! ♥

On Saturday, I met Saber IRL at Anime North!! ; u ; I was cosplaying as Jimmy that day and she drew this for me. I JUST got home and finished unpacking, so I have to start up Intella and draw her picture in return. ♥

There’s a bit of folds since I scanned it and all… ouo” BUT OH MY GOSH, WE WANTED TO DRAW TOGETHER AND AN DIDN’T SELL ANY SKETCHBOOKS. WHY!?

Saber used my cosplay as a reference~ XD

Spike talking to Pipotchi about him having to be part evil, in this case being Spikey Wikey.This to me feels alittle heart warming, what do you think?

This is the most depressing Ape Escape fanart I have ever seen.
If the sequel to Ape Escape 3 has something like this in its story, I would be crying out tears right from my childhood.

Original artist: familyof6
Please support her by visiting the link.

shesgotacookie asked:

I want to play the first one so badly. XD I have watched the cutscenes and walkthroughs for it, plus I only own the PSP version, but gave up on it since using a single analog stick made it super hard. I am hoping to get it this year at Anime North (Canadian convention) since my friend found a guy selling it for $30. Q v Q Who are your favourite characters? Mine are Jimmy & Pipotchi, Helga, Aki and Tsukushi x)

Yeah, playing Ape escape on the PSP is a pain. I hope you’ll get the the game at the Anime North, it’s really fun! ok all the games are but still xD I got the game myself in December thanks to a really good friend of mine. I lost the original disk back in 2005, so now I finally can beat the levels I couldn’t back at elementary school

I like all the characters, but Natalie is my favorite :)

anonymous asked:

Hey, I was wondering if I could share my frustration with you about the professor taking Pipotchi away. I mean it wasn't really necessary, right? What are your thoughts on it??

Aww, Anon. ;v; //pats your Anon head.

I wasn’t as frustrated, just moreso upset because of how Pipotchi wanted to be with Jimmy at all times. I mean, this was their big adventure together, right?

I honestly respect the Professor for doing that. He was caring about a baby monkey. And the stage they were supposed to enter together was Casino City, the first place to introduce black panted monkeys. They have Machine Guns, yeah. Totally dangerous!

I also respect Jimmy’s decision to agree with the Professor. Jimmy loves Pipotchi as his own baby brother. He’s raised him, been with him 24/7, so their first separation did seem a bit hard on him too. Because if you listened closely to the tone in his voice when he said, “The Professor’s right, you know, Pipotchi…” It was sheer disappointment. He didn’t want to say goodbye like that, although it had to be done.

But can you imagine if Jimmy had rejected the Professor’s wish and told him, “No way, Professor! We work together as a team!” and then as they reach the stage, Pipotchi actually does get hurt? Jimmy would never forgive himself if that ever happened.

Now, when we get to the reuniting sequence at Enter the Monkey after Pipotchi ran away (yay!), Jimmy contacts the Professor and tells him that he found his best buddy in the temple. But I understand your frustration here. Casino City is nothing compared to Enter the Monkey. It’s more dangerous and the Professor agreed to let the duo continue their journey together with even more life risking stages. (Good job there, guys, LOL.)

Yet, I feel as if Pipotchi wanted to prove that he could do just fine as long as he’s with Jimmy. And the Professor realized that as well and allowed the two to continue on. If they get hurt, they do it together. That’s why their friendship is so strong. That’s why I love their relationship so much. They’d do anything to be together.

And I think that’s gosh-darn-diddly-tastic.