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Pionneers - Let your yeah be yeah. How to apply Mt 5:37 to relationships. Via @vladisnice

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Pionneers of doom and stoner. Listen to that muddy-crispy-dirty sound! 

ok so im so confused abt pb rn

like ok there are some lines that are questionable on like every single one of their albums but he still writes songs like Pionneer to apologize to people for things that have happened???

like he’s said that that song is a very personal one for him about what she must have gone through and as a formal apology from like humanity/men??/???

and like everything ive seen any meeting him says he’s such a nice guy and I’m just like ??/?/?/???/??//??

pick a side buddy u get one more strike

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jeffmillsaxisrecords #detroit #techno #pionneer at policerecords we never forget our roots !