DIY Easy Shrink Plastic Pinwheel Pendant Tutorial from Always a Project here. Cheap and easy DIY using shrink plastic and nail polish. The only caution is don’t burn yourself! For more unique shrink plastic DIYs go here:

Pinwheel, The Necromancer.

  Bound to a tomb with his works of revival, experimentation, and bodies. The tale of a father who wished for his family to be brought back from the abyss which dragged them downward. One may assume that the Mother and Child died at an early age, leaving behind the Father with guilt; a grief only those who have suffered the same could comprehend. Lost within himself, the Father set out to gather power from the Gravelord Nito. Infused with knowledge and the power of a Lord he began his one hope for reunion.

   However something went horribly wrong, and, in his attempt they were reunited; flesh to flesh, and sin to sin. All three bodies bound together, speculatively the Mother was first to be revived meaning she was the one bound to her spouses spine first; a burden commencing only to be continued as the Child spawned, tied to his Mother and, ultimately, the Father.

   Death Masks are reminders, mementos, and tributes to the passed. The mask of the Father represents his great burden, physical and mental. The mask of the Child represents the limitless potential, growth, and stamina of youth; cut short by death, and entrapped by the Father. The mask of the Mother represents her vitality, the shared hope and wealth of a birth giver crushed by fate too cruel for words.

   Bound together by necromancy, buried by guilt and desperation always bearing the tireless reminder of his mistake. The only ability he has gathered has been to split himself into separate phantasmal beings, however, one must question.

     Before the Hero entered the tomb, to gather the Rite of Kindling, how close was Pinwheel to finally achieving redemption?