After several failed attempts, repeated opening and closing Sims 3 on my non-gaming laptop, as well as many many frustrations, I’m going to be releasing these dreamcatchers now.

Note that as I am not a very good CC-maker, they have some (read: a lot of) bugs to them despite near endless googling and dabbling in TSR. But if, like me, you’re going to be using them for snapshots and such anyway, hopefully you won’t mind as much.

Take them from my hands now please.

Download them here.

They can be found in Decor > Wall Hangings for $50
They have 3 recolourable channels.

I just permanently closed my Pinterest account. I have over 2000 followers on Pinterest, but I don’t really care about the number of followers. I feel like I’ve lifted another weight off of my shoulders. I admit I’ve always been addicted to social media, and getting rid of another distraction feels good. Means I can focus a bit more on what’s important. I felt like Pinterest was just wasting my time. I was pinning all of these things that I wanted, but I didn’t need. God tells us not to worry about worldly things, but yet I was so focused on what I should wear, what I should eat, drink, etc. that I wasn’t paying attention to the Lord. I’m so glad I deleted my Twitter and Pinterest account.