Fili watched as Kili—his hair slicked back into a tamed tail, wearing a perfectly tailored dark blue and grey pinstriped suit with a stiff collared white shirt, a matching deep blue waistcoat and tie, and all of that concealed the shoulder holster and gun he was wearing—navigated the dance floor with the ambassador’s daughter. The girl was barely sixteen and was bubbly and sweet, a permanent blush on her face from Kili’s attention. Fili himself was sipping from a glass of champagne and listening to the ambassador himself as he stood next to Legolas and Tauriel.

He was just the tiniest bit bored. The ambassador’s wife started talking to him and he responded, his German near perfect with a very obvious accent, but his attention on Kili. 

He wanted to peel Kili out of that suit. 

With his teeth.

Watching Kili work, being a bodyguard in a slick suit and the way the suit’s lines hid the fact he was armed (and dangerous), was incredibly hot. Amusing. Ridiculous. And so many inappropriate things. Fili tried very hard to ignore him, though the knowing looks Tauriel kept sending him made it obvious his poker face needed some work.

As the current dance wound to a halt there were several women who swamped Kili, all wanting a chance to dance with him as well. 

"He does clean up nice, doesn’t he?" Tauriel asked Fili, leaning down to murmur close to his ear. Legolas was distracting the ambassadors, the tiny smile on his lips said how much he was enjoying watching Fili squirm as well. "There’s a reason we like trotting him out at these things."

"Exactly how many suits does he have?" Fili asked. "I’ve never seen him with one before."

"Oh, no," Tauriel said. "We keep those away from him after the events. He’d set them on fire afterwards if he could."

Fili watched as Kili charmed his way free from his admirers, the ambassador’s daughter’s hand on his arm. “Mind if we keep that one?”

Tauriel only arched an eyebrow at him. “I think that could be arranged.”

Fili nodded. “Good. That…yes. Thank you.”

"Enjoy," Tauriel chuckled.


You even look like him.