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Marrying Someone With Blue Eyes

Sabi nung pinsan ko sa usaping puso, sex at forenjer:

“Alam mo kung ako lang, I mean yung gusto ko lang..gusto ko pa rin sa Pinoy. Yung Pinoy pa rin ang mamahalin ko. Ang ibang lahi kasi, mahirap pakisamahan, kumplikadong mahalin. Pag masaktan ka kasi, mahirap i-express yung nararamdaman mo in pure english. Diba mahirap yun? Pero kung magpapakapractical ako, shempre, sa ibang lahi na.. diba nga kadalasan na mas gumaganda ang buhay kapag nakakapangasawa ng forenjer. Saka plus na plus na plus points sila sa ano.. hmmm,..ano.. shempre diba? Kung sa sex, winner na winner ka sa kanila. biggie kaya.. para kang laging naka upsize ng coke at fries sa kanila.. biggie size din ang kaligayahan mo sa langit. hihihi”

—-mula sa 17 year old kong pinsan

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Half-Pinoy sumo star to visit Manila
#sumo #Takanoyama [Philstar]We chose his sumo name Takayasu because we wanted to use either Taka or Sato like Kisenosato, Wakanosato and the foreigner from the Czech Republic Takanoyama. Luckily, our family name has Taka so we picked Takayasu for Akira.” According to sumo experts …
30 Stereotypical Pinoy Teleserye Elements

Most Filipinos love watching soap operas, colloquially “Teleseryes” on TV. The only bad thing nowadays is that their stories and elements get all too stereotypical and predictable, losing art for money (but then again, mainstream is usually the non-artistic side of the industry but oh well).

With that said, here are 30 Stereotypical Pinoy Teleserye Elements that you’d most likely encounter in any Fililipno soap opera.

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