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omg..u going to make me believe that i’m following someone new or tumblr just made me follow people randomly..oh btw,hi idlevirus!

hi hi there :D how are youuu? :]] yeah i didn’t want to confuse people since i changed my icon too haha so yes \( ’ - ’ )/ i am a person! not a spambot hoho

(ohh i’m the admin of vitamin-v that’s where i’m from :]] not a random person hanging out on your dash suddenly haha)

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u know what the most saddest thing in june? it’s my birthday..starting laz year..i’m crying on my birthday..since bekah left..n now kahi..juz this year..i’m more to speechless/numb rather than there something wrong with pledis management?

idek anymore with pledis.they’re like the biggest trolls. they create amazing artist and take them away from us. anyway when is your birthday? 

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Have you seen bekah-amber (B*ber lol) conversation in twitterland?

I just saw it!! djaoisjdaoisj OMG I LOVE THEM ;A; and.. “I want the hula dress you promised me” dhoiahsdoihs BEKAH JUST GO TO KOREA AND GIVE IT TO HER PLS

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hello, some story bout our bekah on allkpop.. this is a few words written in their article ( While Bekah always impressed me with her rap skills and was the best English speaker, it was not the biggest blow to the group. They were still After School comprised of eight girls with different personalities. Bekah never went solo – perhaps for several reasons. She may never have wanted to or it would not have been wise for her to do so as she may have not had strong enough star-power to make it. )

srsly I’m just waiting for this person to get her fingers burn for writing such a thing. Hope Bekah shows her THE LOSS SHE WAS TO AS.

She IS A STAR. She can shine more than every single girl. Pledis just didn’t give her the chance to. But she is coming back. She is coming. And I just CAN’T WAIT.

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High~High there!>_< Are u going to be on the live chat? it’s almost 8am in here? what time in there?

So I wanted to, my internet is bitching a little! What time is it suppose to happen??? It’s almost 9pm here! And do you have the link? ;A;

An ordinary screencap wouldn’t be enough to express how evil this girl is! DEAR LORD SHE KNOWS I WILL BE FOREVER WAITING FOR A UPDATE AND SHE PLAYS WITH MY HEART LIKE THIS. No guys you don’t understand how I feel! This fanfic! this damn fanfic! djlpoesjfpoesd my Taekah feels leave me alooone

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omg!! i really really want to thank hyori for bring bekah back on screen (kpop tv)..even if it just a few minutes ..i’m totally happy with least we know, there’s someone who’s appreciate our B*..for the first time after almost a year..

Ikr… Almost a year…

and Hyori brought Bekah back, just a little, but a lot for all the Bekah stans like us.. djsofjodspjfpodjfpodj

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Yessss *hands up* :)))

OH YEAAAH *high five* <333

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I see you ouo

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I need more of them on my dash hehe

Well I guess you will have more from now on :3 <3

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just a warning, once you get in there’s no exit door hahahaha but it’s a very beautiful fandom you won’t regret it

Thanks for the warning it didn’t scare me at all! fjsjhdpfhsdf u_u Ok Ok i hope i won’t!

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still 1 of my fav kdrama~~i want to help u~~but all i can find is~~

Aah thanks for the help. I am actually watching online there ;A; but I wish there were a place to download because I couldn’t find any way to download videos from there. ;A; but thank you again! and I am looving the drama tbh! even the main girl is kinda annoying because she is crying all the time

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Code-V unite fan all around the tumblr..^~^v btw..i’m kinda like terrible’s unique..but i dont mind if u change it again and long as i know u..hihihi..Have a Nice Day! (^o^)v

yesss! i love talking to code-v fans so much ;-;; you’re so nice and cute ahh♥♥ ooh really? i was going to make it spooky-apple for halloween because a lot of others have been putting “spooky” in their urls but i wanted to be different so i put terrible! 

thank you :D you too my dear! is it still october there? here it is so there are a lot of kids around for halloween haha the costumes are so cuuuute ;-;;

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U know our Bekah going to comeback..on stage a new Bekah (dats what she tweet on her twitter) i’m so happy..let’s hope ‘the new Bekah’ not going to be gospel song..TT__TT..still hope the best for her…


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can we shed a tear together~~? i mean we want the sexy swagger powerful bekah..why i’m feel like a devil now…still..just..*sigh* as long as she’s happy..

i can shed a river actually

I know the feeling, i know exactly how you feel. and it looks mean that we are hoping she won’t do a gospel album. But i really want to see her dancing and all the swag again ;A;

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i’m still not finish watching the part she’s sing umbrella..omg!!! how i miss her voice~~~going to continue watching it..oh no..all this feeling just keep coming back..

hdiosahoidhaoisdh when she started singing i screamed like an idiot! jdopasjopfjspodfjspodf argh I still watching tho! dhioashdoiahsiod I want her back so bad!

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what is look so damn from mv or something..good job..u make me going crazy in here..

dhoishdioashidoahs omG i’m glad you liked! the original idea was from chay (she told me and asked me to try xD) I just put things together and edited fdhiodhsoifshdofh I’m happy it looked real! djoasjodpaj 

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i just open my laptop..and when i open my tumblr..bekah everywhere..with hyori..and my feeling..TT__TT.. someone please grab her back to korea and bring her swag on stage…by the looks like bekah mentioning a lot about k-pop idol..:)

IKR!!! djopsjfposjdopfjspdjfpsdjfposj I saw it before sleep and I FREAKED OUT SO BAAAAAAAD! jopdfsjpofsjpdo at first I thought Bekah was in Korea, but then discovered that HYORI was in hawaii! but there’s a chance that Hyori is also shooting a show there fdiohsfio and maybe Bekah is in it! djopsjfposdjfposjd AND I REALLY HOPE HYORI TAKE HER BACK!!! fjodsjfosdf imagine having Bekah on stage again. I can’t even think about it!!1

yeaaah she has been djsofjpd maybe she is planing something fjdospfjposdjf