Guuuuuuuys I crushed my <57mins goal!!! 😭🙌🏻 My official time was 53:21!!

And look at those splits! Not one above 7mins!! That third pic is me sprinting towards the finish (yes I beat those two 💪🏻) and I caught sight of the clock and I was literally like “53?! 53??!!!!!? WHAT?” In my head hahaha. I had sort of been thinking that 55mins would be cool, but that was a solid 7min/km and I wasn’t sure I could keep that up. APPARENTLY I CAN!

Around 4-6k I was just bewildered that I actually pushed myself to run a 10k by myself. I was so confused why people like running. And then a half hour ago I was sitting on my bed, giant blisters on my pinky toes, trying to find a local 5k coming up to test my limits 😂 I think I’ve caught the bug pretty hard.

After dad and I went for a late dinner at a lil Asian place close to home. Also, shout out to my dad for being the best. He does noooot do sports, but he sat in the car and ate popcorn and did sudoku while I ran hahaha. And he was there at the start and finish to see me 💕💕

Today was good, guys. I hope everyone is having a good weekend!! xo