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Cute paintings done by our adorable little artists Zain & Khawla


Songs about animal rights #pinkbunnies @ntnl



blackbunny F*Cking hilarious!  Where’s the rest?  Hand it over w/ the nicked pic-a-nic basket!?!


F :f

pinkbunny What do you mean? there are two cartoons, right?

blackbunny I was just being a hungry hare-bear (& no one better call me a f*Cking — ugh!— CareBear b/c I will devour them — prosthetics & all).

Hungry & now roaring angry,

F :f

pinkbunny My sister Margaret, who died in December, has a daughter-in-law who is called Care Bear by everyone in the family. Chill.

blackbunny Point well-taken.

pinkbunny Um, hope I wasn’t too heavy handed there

blackbunny Uh, do U mean “heavy-pawed”?!?

pinkbunny Do bunnies have paws?

blackbunny My bear-self does.  So, um, my bunny must 2.

pinkbunny I could swear I was wearing fingered gloves the other night

blackbunnyy MayB U R a chimera & have human hands?!? 

pinkbunny A fairytale bunny princess as i remember

blackbunny It’s Your Worship, Bunny Pinkness!

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