Gotchaaa !! Finally nakabili na din ako neto, lage na lang sold out sa national bookstore ee. 😉😉😉 Ang sarap lang basahin feeling ko kausap ko si Alex HAHAHA Lol. @cathygonzaga #DearAlex #Cool #Kulet #Girly #PinkBook #AlexGonzaga NOTE: I love reading this book but it doesnt mean na single ako na break na kame ng boyfie ko Haha kame pa din po going strong 😝😍😘✌️✌️✌️💏💑

I hope not. Currently reading “Three Words, Eight Letters, Say it, and I’m Yours”. Got amaze coz one of its character was named CASSANDRA (the bff), lol lipay nako ana! Anyways, It’s a nice story.. as usual.. love love love :)) #girlinlove #pinkBook #novelOverload (at Benz Coffee)

#aug31bookchallenge #pinkbook It would take me ages to go through my entire bookshelf to find a pink book (if I even have one) so here’s a book with some pink in it 😁 #happyreading ✨#rachelcaine #kissofdeath #morganvillevampires #morganvillevampireseries #ShaneAndClaire #EveAndMichael #vampires #paranormal #yabooks #yalit #books #blog #bookblog #bibliophile #bookstagram #bookworm #igreads

A BOOK for me, oo na saktong sakto yung book sa akin, hindi lang dahil color PINK ang book na toh.. magaling magaling ka talagah!! Ilang oras mo tong pinagisipan whahaha.. hihihi

Nakikita ko na toh madalas sa bookshelf pero di ko to pinapansin and hindi ko akalain na may magbibigay nito sa akin whahaha - THANK YOU SO MUCH LIA!! Babasahin ko na to agad agad, hehhehe iba talaga yung feeling na hawak mo yung book na binabasa mo kaysa ebook lang..YEHEY!!

Wala na akong masabi kung hindi thank you and gagalingan ko promise hahaha ^_^

Just keep climbing nga sabi mo ehhehe

Many people that come into our life for a reason, some give us hope, joy, inspiration, and sometimes heartache, but no matter what happen, they have been part of our life.. And without them we are not who,.. what we are now ^_^