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someonethatiamnot said:

OQ. Purple. Library. "No, not that one. This one."

I had too much fun with this. I do hope you enjoy it!

Purple Reign: 

“No, Daddy! No, not that one. This one.”

He shakes his head in confusion, attempting to pull down the correct book from the shelf, tossing her a look over their daughter’s head that warns her not to laugh.

“I thought you wanted Pinkalicious,” he states, watching light brown curls shake vehemently in response.

“No,” the girl giggles. “Purplelicious, Daddy. Purple.”

“There’s a Purplelicious, too?” he questions, his cheeks puffing out in an exhale. “Just how many of these damnable color books are there?”

The librarian shoots him a look from her desk as Regina quirks a brow of reprimand in his direction.

“Watch your language,” she whispers, stepping in closer at the roll of his eyes.

“As if she hasn’t heard you say worse,” he retorts, refusing to look away as her eyes narrow dangerously. He locates the book and places it into eager hands, turning to leave before it is shoved mercilessly back into his face.

“Let’s get Silverlicious instead. Ok, Daddy?”

He sighs and tosses the purple book onto the nearest table, the librarian clearing her throat loudly enough to draw attention from other patrons.

“You’re going to get us kicked out,” Regina cautions, retrieving the book fastidiously.

“Heaven forbid.”

He then pulls an entire stack from the shelf, handing them to his daughter whose brown eyes widen in delight.

“All of them?” she queries, making her mother shake her head in disbelief. “Really, Daddy?”

“All of them, princess,” he returns with smile, avoiding Regina’s gaze like the proverbial plague. “Reading is good for your mind.”

“We own half of those, you realize,” Regina mutters as they approach the check-out desk, feeling more than hearing his ragged exhale.

“Just get out the damn library card and smile,” he instructs, making her heart swell a bit larger as he lovingly picks up their daughter, books and all. 

Our Favorite Children’s Book-Inspired Halloween Costumes

Kids already love to play dress up and Halloween is the dress up event of the year! Plus, the free candy part isn’t so bad either. With Halloween around the corner, we found some great children’s book costumes. Your little one can show off their book love with these DIY costumes of some of our favorite characters.

Harold and the Purple Crayon via Generation T


Pete the Cat via A Bit of Earth


Amelia Bedelia via KT Moxie


Where the Wild Things Are via The Kim Ballherd


Fancy Nancy via Blue Moon Design


Coraline via Cosplaying Children


Splat the Cat via Do It Yourself Divas


Charlotte’s Web via Melissa Williamso


Pinkalicious via The Paisley Panda on Etsy


If You Give a Mouse A Cookie via Burdastyle


The Chronicals Narnia via Brenda Gruden


Berenstain Bears via Instead of the Dishes


Flat Stanley via Flat Stanley Gallery


Little Critter via Leslie Beckett



What costume is your kid wearing this Halloween? 

I’m sure he’ll treat you like the jewel you truly are!!

Not sure if I will be on tomorrow, its my wedding anniversary…let’s see if hubby treats me good…
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