1 pon 3 universes. Turner and Pocket raised Happy. No bug. Yes Rorshach. If you see the pink tie, tired eyes, and hoof cuffs. It’s this one. Joy and Stripes raised Happy. Met bug, not bug. No Rorshach. If you see the ponytail and bow tied hourglass, it’s this one. Aaand Fake Pocket and Joy raising Happy. Bug. Happy thoughts Happy. So yes Rorshach. This one is the happy y’all know so it shouldn’t be hard to recognize him. He only has 1 heart on his cutie mark and no bow attached to it.


Mark Lippert, U.S. Ambassador to South Korea, attacked

U.S. Ambassador Mark Lippert was slashed on the face and wrist by a man wielding a blade and screaming that the rival Koreas should be unified, South Korean police said Thursday.

Media images showed a stunned-looked Lippert staring at his blood-covered left hand and holding his right hand over a cut on the right side of his face, his pink tie splattered with blood.

The U.S. State Department condemned the attack, which happened at a performing arts center in Seoul as the ambassador was preparing for a lecture, and said Lippert was being treated at a local hospital and his injuries weren’t life threatening.

YTN TV reported that the man — identified by police as a 55-year-old, surnamed Kim — screamed during the attack, “South and North Korea should be reunified.”

The suspect also shouted anti-war slogans after he was detained, and Seoul police say the weapon used had a 25-centimeter blade. (AP)

(Photos by REUTERS/Yonhap (3), Ahn Young-joon/AP Photo, Jay Directo/AFP Photo)

See more photos of the attack on U.S. Ambassador Mark Lippert and our other slideshows on Yahoo News.

pinkxmena asked:

A couple hours later, Pinkie comes back to Dusk's house. She is wearing a black suit with a pink tie and white undershirt, as well as a little pin of her cutie mark on her collar. She's also wearing a skirt and a pair of white heels. She wasn't kidding when she said she wanted to look nice. She was a couple minutes late, but she figured Dusk wouldn't mind it too much. Taking a breath, she knocks on his door.

Dusk came down to the door, wearing a simple button up shirt and nice jeans. He hadn’t expected Pinkie to dress up like she had, and his jaw dropped when he opened the door.

He paused for a moment, “Pinkie, you look beautiful” He said, gesturing for her to come in.

As they stepped inside, Dusk led Pinkie into the castle’s dining room, where he had replaced the long dining table with a small round table, a chair placed on each side and a candle in the middle, giving the room a dim glow.

"I’m sorry it’s not much" Dusk said, "I tried to make it nice though"


Aaaannnd here they are folks! The amazing photoshoot from Dapper Chicks of NY to raise awareness for Breast Cancer!

I had the distinct pleasure of being photographed along side of these amazingly intelligent, dapper as all hell women last weekend.

Thanks to adapperchick we are the Dapper Chicks of NY.

I feel very honored and lucky to be alongside such lovely and fashionable ladies.

Please check them all out on instagram or their websites

Nicole’s Instagram: nic_at_nite_

Sara’s Instagram & website: adapperchick and

Ali’s instagram: alimedina_3

Danielle’s instagram & website: shesagent &

Go to for more information and some upcoming shoots!

And a huge thanks to DAG Images

She did an amazing job on these photos and ALL rights go to her.

Until the next shoot…