6x17 Panoramic Landscapes On Film By Zeb Andrews

Cameras: Reality So Subtle 141 Pinhole camera, Fuji G617
Films: Kodak Ektar, Kodak Tri-x

Zeb On Shooting Panoramas With Film:

“Why pano?  Because when these cameras sing, they sing. I admit, I struggled initially with the Fuji G617.  It is one of those cameras that inspires immediate camera lust, you just have to have one or at the very least, use one.  But it is a surprisingly tricky camera to work with.  Oh, not in terms of its mechanical function, that part is not so tricky.  The learning curve comes in learning how to slice the world up into 6x17 rectangles.  

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Self Portraits

Alyson Belcher  HERE

Description from Amazon:  ”Alyson Belcher’s Self Portraits combine pinhole photography with improvisational performance, stemming from the idea that everything experienced is stored in our bodies, and is an exploration of the sacred origins of movement.”

"Alyson Belcher creates images with low tech, homemade camera’s because a camera with a primitive lens, or no lens, penetrates reality in unexpected ways, revealing what lies beneath the tangible world: stories, memories and hidden truths."