The adult form of Pinkgolin, Pinegolin is known for its wooden hide that deters most, if not all, predators. Their camouflage and armour is also the crux of their species’ socialisation, as it resembles the food that they primarily feed upon. Naturally attracted to their food source, this introduces the creatures to one another. As they continue to age they form huge packs that can monopolise entire forests.

pinegolin replied to your post:i think i want a nice haircut but i dont even know…

i think i heard that the rachel is coming back in (i am not also what one might call a “leading authority” on such matters) but the rachel was a nice haircut and it would look nice on yr head :)

ah thank you! I really dig it, too! maybe with less severe layers but yeah. Aniston has been rocking something that looks kinf of like a grown out rachel and ngl it’s on the top of the list:


also can we get drinks or hang out again soon? it has been entirely too long!