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never shut about star wars (but where all the princess Leia in that sexy get up omg)

okay i AM gonna get a little mad about this one bc even tho i truly appreciate your enthusiasm for star wars i do not appreciate your pining for the slave costume and i’m gonna tell you why, but quick because i have homework to do and you should know this already and someone more intelligent than me can probably say it better: 

  • it’s incredibly degrading 
  • it’s not “sexy” it’s exploitation and sexual harassment among other things
  • leia is forced into the outfit against her will 
  • a component of the “get up” is literally a dog collar 
  • she is literally chained to jabba 
  • the fact that people think this is sexy is scary to me
  • the fact that people claim to love leia and think this is sexy is scary to me 
  • the fact that people think characters IN THE MOVIE who love and respect leia would think this is sexy is scary to me
  • the slave costume is literally called the slave costume
  • the slave costume
  • it is not sexy 
  • i do not/will not reblog photos of it
  • thanks