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DIY Pincushion RIng Tutorial from I Always Pick the Thimble. Do you know anyone who sews? This is a “stick and glue” DIY - meaning it’s really easy to make. For more ”stick and glue” DIYs go here:

Or you can try this DIY Felted Ring from Dans le Townhouse here.

DIY Felt Cactus Pincushion Tutorial from Le Blog de Gedane here. Cats and Cacti are always really popular on my blog. Top Photo: DIY by Le Blog de Gedane. I translated it from French to English using Chrome, but the photos of how she sews the felt together don’t require much explanation. Bottom Photo: My Cacti Roundup from cactus cupcakes to cactus in teacups here.

DIY Easy French Knot Pin Cushion from V and Co. here. I just answered a message asking if I did embroidery/cross stitch etc… and was it easy to do? My answer was YES and I started doing needlepoint when I was about 6 or 7. I’ve forgotten who messaged me (because as we all know when you respond to a message on Tumblr it disappears forever) but hope she sees this really easy project!