Battle Of The Nations 2 is finally over. It’s been almost two months since Round 1 and many teams have fallen. People have predicted that Romania, Germany or another European country could have won the tournament, but Cambodia came out the champion! Congratuations to Lil Limit on winning Battle Of The Nations 3-0-1 against Supah (USA) and Deimoz (Chile).


wow i miss my old walk.. i miss cwalking.


i think i still have it.

SC tournament Round 1

Vs. SilentG




Hey guys, it’s been a minute. I just wanted to blog about something personal & really important to me.
So, when I was first introduced to cwalking in 2007, I was on PMW. For those of you new generation cwalkers, PMW (Pimp My Walk) was one of the top two cwalk sites. PMW was your basic cwalk forum with video tutorials, help threads, competitions, and a whole bunch of other threads ranging from what kind of shoes were the best for cwalking to random miscellaneous life questions. Although cwalking was the main focus, all styles of dance were promoted. PMW was an amazing website it had really great dancing resources, but what made it stand out was the community. The community/user base was always really helpful but not only that, they were genuinely friendly. When newbies would introduce themselves in a new post in the newbies section there was always at least one person reaching out and greeting them.
For me, PMW was more than just a cwalking website, I’ve made a numerous amount of friends because of the website. Some of these people I’ve met are better friends than the ones I have in real life. Without PMW, I would have never met the main Bay Area cwalk crew (founding member status, bitch). It was a place I could go online and be weird without being judged. I gained new friends and respect for dancers because of PMW.
It’s just kind of weird to think that PMW has been gone for a while now. There are times where I just want to hop on the site and reminisce, only to be reminded that it’s not even a thing anymore.

Farewell for now loves!

TL;DR- Dance & friendship game was strong on a now forever lost website.


I still wonder how many of my followers know i dance and make youtube videos lol. (1st guy is me) was a bad vid on my part, i know i can do better :l


Round 1 agaisnt Team China was intense. It was 1-1 at first. It all decided on the last battle Gladly, it went our way. From our side CeeJay(Me)- Won, Philip- Lost, Gagong Pinoy- Won.

Then now.

Vs. Delafast of Team Vietnam


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Battle Of The Nations Round Two

1 versus 1 Battles:
Team Kazakhstan vs Team France vs Team Cambodia
Team Indonesia vs Team Argentina
Team Pakistan vs Team Nepal

3 versus 3 Battles:
Team Chile vs Team Spain
Team Germany vs Team Brazil
Team Israel vs Team Australia
Team USA vs Team Japan
Team Vietnam vs Team Philippines

Let’s wish all these teams good luck! 

Watch on cwalkmedia.tumblr.com

Riki | PimpMyWalk | Exclusive Class

Riki has been c-walking for over three years and been Exclusive Class on PimpMyWalk for about two and a half years. He was also part of Team Japan that won BOTN in 2009. Looks like he’s going to make a come back and help Team Japan win again. In this video, he has a lot of nice upperbody movement with a nice attitude in his walk. It was a very nice mix up with some classy music to watch.

Battle Of The Nations Update

Hey guys, time for another update on Battle Of The Nations!

Round 2 just finished yesterday with Team Vietnam and Team Philippines in a very close battle for a spot in the semifinals where Philip and Invizibl3 were battling it off. The battle ended with Invizibl3 winning 3-2, allowing Team Vietnam to beat Team Philippines overall with the score of 2-1.

Here are the matchups for Round 3:
Team Cambodia vs Team Pakistan vs Team Indonesia
Team USA vs Team Australia vs Team Vietnam
Team Chile vs Team Germany

Let’s wish all these teams left good luck and we’ll see an interesting final round!

Battle Of The Nations Update


There was 34 teams at the beginning of the tournament. Since Round One is over, 17 teams have been eliminated! Here is the official team score for all the battles:

1 versus 1 Battles:
Team Pakistan vs Team Mongolia 
Team Pakistan wins with DQ victory

Team Nepal vs Team Denmark
Team Nepal wins with DQ victory  

Team Colombia vs Team Argentina
Team Argentina wins KO

Team Austria vs Team Indonesia
Team Indonesia wins with DQ victory 

Team Kazakhstan vs Team Malaysia
Team Kazakhstan wins with DQ victory

Team Mexico vs Team Cambodia
Team Cambodia wins KO 

Team Turkey vs Team France
Team France wins 3-1 

Team Thailand vs Team USA
Team USA wins KO

3 versus 3 Battles:
Team Australia vs Team Britain
Team Australia wins 2-1 

Team Canada vs Team Israel 
Team Israel wins 3-0 

Team Chile vs Team Romania
Team Chile wins 2-1 

Team Brazil vs Team Netherlands 
Team Brazil wins 2-1

Team China vs Team Philippines 
Team Philippines wins 2-1 

Team Bulgaria vs Team Japan
Team Japan wins 2-1 

Team Vietnam vs Team Korea
Team Vietnam wins 3-0 

5 versus 5 Battles:
Team Spain vs Team Poland
Team Spain wins 3-2

Team Germany vs Team Russia
Team Germany wins 5-0

We will post an update about Round Two as soon as the lineup goes up.
If you want to look at all the votes between the teams, you need an account on PimpMyWalk to look at the following section: http://www.pimpmywalk.com/forum/index.php?showforum=435 

Watch on cwalkmedia.tumblr.com

Tango | Pimpmywalk | Exclusive Class

Hey everyone! I’d like to give a shout to PMW’s newest exclusive Tango. Here’s the video that led him to gain PMW’s most respectable status. Tango’s been cwalking for over 3 years now and has developed a pretty smooth style. If you want to see what the judges said for him to get his (7-0), sign up for pimpmywalk.com and check out the exclusive tryouts section. Once you get selected class that is.


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Battle Of The Nations Update


Recap on the semifinals:
Team Cambodia vs Team Pakistan vs Team Indonesia - Cambodia wins 3-0
Team USA vs Team Australia vs Team Vietnam - Team USA wins 2-1-0
Team Chile vs Team Germany - Team Chile wins 3-2

The main match here was Chile and Germany where the battle was close all the way to the end. Germany and Chile were head to head with two battle wins each and the final battle have two votes to each side. Germany was predicted to reach the finals of BOTN but unfortunately for them, Chile got the last vote. Veno beat Shoxx 3-2, allowing Chile to go to the finals of the tournament! 

In about 1 day, 13 hours and 25 minutes, the three winning teams (Cambodia, USA and Chile) are going to choose one member for their lineup for a 1vs1vs1 final round.

Can you handle the suspense? Who will be the winner of Battle Of The Nations 2?
Stay updated with us on CwalkMedia! 

Battle Of The Nations Update

34 Teams and 313 participants have signed up for Battle Of The Nations!
Round One is about to begin in about five days and this time it’s a knock out round!
All the teams are going to be working hard to make sure they make it through the first round of the tournament. This will be an interesting sight to watch.

For more information about Round One, you’ll have to check it out on PimpMyWalk.

Also, the Battle Of The Nations Tourney is officially sponsored by iCandyClothing!

Keep watching CwalkMedia or follow Mr.T’s Twitter to stay updated with BOTN2: