pimpcup replied to your post:My sister just gave me dark blue hair chalk for me…

Heat makes it stay in as well. I used to use heat protectant to wet the hair (it makes the colour brighter), a hot straightener to lock in the colour, and then I sprayed the shit out of it with hairspray.

I’m mostly doing it to see what the colour looks like before I get some manic panic and do this for realsies, but it might be a good idea to see how I like it over a period of time. Thanks, I’ll try it out : )

pimpcup said:

Nothing will ever fix zits unless you get on meds. I've accepted this hard fact after years of battle with my face.

yeah and even prescription creams and stuff might not work but ive heard good things about using certain birth controls to balance out hormones but obviously talk to your doctor about that!