So this is set in the same verse as this fic (honestly this au is huge and I’m so glad that I got an excuse to write in this verse). Also this is more BFF onkey sorry if this isn’t what you were expecting

7. “How long has it been?”

“Just… How long has it been?” 

Jinki raised an eyebrow but didn’t look up from the textbook in front of him. “Since what, Kibum?”

“Since you went grocery shopping. You have like zip in the cupboards that isn’t expired,” the blond complained with just a hint of a whine coloring his tone.

“One, why are you digging for food in my apartment where you live two buildings over? And two, who’s had any time? I certainly haven’t,” Jinki said as he uncapped his hi-lighter with his thumb and carefully traced a sentence about fruit types in flowering plants.

He re-read it with a snort. It wasn’t that important of a comment but it would definitely make Jonghyun laugh so he wanted to make sure he could find it again. Really, cucumbers. It really shouldn’t surprise him anymore that scientists have dirty senses of humor too. He was so engrossed in trying to keep his cool about this newly discovered penis joke he almost missed his friend’s next comment.

“Dude, you’re out of ramen,” Kibum deadpanned.

Jinki had never whipped his head up so fast, not even when Jonghyun’s mom had walked in on the two of them getting a little too handsy underneath the kitchen table. “What?” he yelled as he rushed over to check in the bottom right cabinet where he kept his secret stash.

He was greeted by a dark and empty storage shelf, a sad confirmation that he was, indeed, out of ramen. And like any poor, stressed college student would do, he flopped down to a sitting position and stared at the empty cabinet. Maybe if he stared and pouted long enough his food would magically reappear. “Are you seriously almost twenty-two ?” Kibum muttered under his breath and Jinki could hear the eye roll. 

“Bum, I’m ramen-less. If you dare to start singing T-Swift right nwo I’m going to hit you are cry I swear to God… probably both. This is serious!”

It didn’t help that Jinki manged to get songs from the Wonder Pets stuck in his head from his own dumb comment so he threw himself back until he was staring at the ceiling, still pouting. Kibum sighed and wrestled his car keys out of his stupidly tight pockets. “Okay, okay stop pouting and get up off the floor and I’ll take you to go get more.”

“YAY! THANK’S BUMMIE!” Jinki all but squealed, capturing his friend in a too-tight hug before skipping off to the front door. 

“You’ve been studying plants all day haven’t you?”

“Yep! But forget about that, it’s ramen time.”

[a/n: the type of fruit a cucumber is is called a pepo… yeah lol]

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FNAF 3 Spoilers!

Well, the third game came out and I played and watched it and I am not at all disappointed. I’m actually rather happy that Scott went the route to not make it as scary as FNAF 2 or 1 in my own opinion (even though I have heard a lot of people saying it’s the scariest one.) Instead, for me at least, it seemed to focus more on story, which is what I love the most about the series. The lore is incredible, and since i’m guessing that FNAF 3 will be the last game, I wanted to pay a tribute to the main antagonist of the series, the purple guy (or Springtrap, whoever you want him to be)
It is rather sad to see the series come to an end so quickly after it was released last Summer, but i’m glad that it ended wrapping up most of the story.

Thank you Scott for making such a great trilogy.    

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