:”Michael, Michael look! I’m not the only clumsy cook!”
Gavin hurried over to the front door, grinning as Michael walked in, looking somewhat confused.
Ryan walked in, rolling his eyes as he held up his hand, a makeshift bandage of paper towels wrapped around his thumb, the towel soaked red from a fresh cut. Michael stared at it, panicking as he felt his head go woozy, eyes rolling back and then- nothing.
Note: This is a fic on the topic of hemophobia. It contains a lot of mention of blood, so if that squicks you out, please don’t read!

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FNAF 3 Spoilers!

Well, the third game came out and I played and watched it and I am not at all disappointed. I’m actually rather happy that Scott went the route to not make it as scary as FNAF 2 or 1 in my own opinion (even though I have heard a lot of people saying it’s the scariest one.) Instead, for me at least, it seemed to focus more on story, which is what I love the most about the series. The lore is incredible, and since i’m guessing that FNAF 3 will be the last game, I wanted to pay a tribute to the main antagonist of the series, the purple guy (or Springtrap, whoever you want him to be)
It is rather sad to see the series come to an end so quickly after it was released last Summer, but i’m glad that it ended wrapping up most of the story.

Thank you Scott for making such a great trilogy.    

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