Mis reacciones a AM:

Cuando me entero que mañana empieza AM4:

Cuando hay momentos wigetta:

Cuando hablan de lo que han hecho juntos o de futuros proyectos:

Cuando Vegetta hace chistes MUY malos:

Cuando pillan mucho:

Cuando el karma castiga a Willy:

Cuando hay episodios de construcción:

Cuando pasa algo que no esperábamos:

Cuando hay salseo:

Cuando dicen que falta poco para que termine:

Cuando termina:


Cuando Vegetta le proponga matrimonio:

Cuando Willy le diga que “sí”:

Cuando se casen:

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Q: Hello tatas! Today I brought a challenge for you - gives them suits- I’d like to see you in formal suits~ *A* Could you do that for me or it goes against your belief? D8

A: It’s not the belief but the history. They’re uncomfortable and rigid, fake, for us. But the grandchildren sometimes tell us to wear suits for visiting them. When somebody is a guest, it must obey the owner’s houserules.

Thanks for the question/defiance! =D))

Pillan, Queen of the Herring

well, it’s finished now. I’m honestly pretty happy with it, mostly because I finally have it finished which gives me a full body picture of her in colour finally. 

I do plan on doing more things with her, I’ve already been planning a story for her along with other characters, namely Aleda whom I already have a picture of, and a few characters who I have not shown anybody yet, and one that still needs designing and more planning.

so yea, here ya go.

Pillan, Queen of the Herring

Pillan’s name means “god of thunder storms” bc oarfish that wash up on shore have caused superstition that they premonition earthuakes so i wanted a name to do with control of weather/natural disasters and that was one i found that i liked.

and queen of the herring is her title due to the name some fishermen call oarfish “king of the herring”

so ye here’s a better picture of my new mermaid lady.


((OOC: Sería algo como esto. Kalén insistió en dibujar XD.

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Q: Greetings, a question in hetalia style- how the south ancestors’ relationships are? like in the example I asked in DeviantArt :)

A: It would be something like this, Kalén insisted on drawing them :D

Thanks for the question!! :D))