Pilku & Wri: Part the First

Wri dug furiously through whir duffle bag. “I can’t find my skirt,” whe murmured out loud. Whe kept digging until whe reached the bottom, only to not find whir skirt. Whe started to cry, this was whir first con, and whe wouldn’t be able to participate. Whe had been planning for this con for months now, and now it was over for whir. “Hey,” came a voice from behind wrir, “Are you okay?” Wri looked up “N-not really,” whe said sniffling. “What’s wrong?” The girl asked. “I-i can’t f-find my skirt,” Wri said starting to cry again “And this is my first con and I’ve been planning forever..and” “aww,” the girl said, “I might have an extra one if you’d like..” “That kind of reminds me of the first time I tried cosplaying Luna,” Wri said wiping wrir eyes, “I couldn’t find a skirt and-” “And Pilku offered to give you of hers if only you didn’t live so far away.” The girl finished with a smile. Wri looked at the girl’s face hard for a moment before it sunk in. “Pilku!?!?” Whe asked. Pilku smiled hugging Wri. “Ahhh” Wri said with a smile twirlhugging Pilku.

Tema tühjusest pakatavat matjat pilku ei suutnud särama panna ka kolm miljonit augustikuisesse sumedasse taevasse uppuvat tähte, kuid hoolimata kõigest nüüd ta teadis, et tähed on taevas ka homsel ööl ning igal ööl peale seda, nüüd oli selge; ta oli siin, et jääda.
—  Juhan Rebane