This is a documentary made by my brother’s godfather about the pilgrimage we went on back when I was a junior.

Why oh why

its that time of year again dear friends. What time is that? Yes its back. star wars season. When all of the fat middle aged white men of the world rejoice the fact that white people run a galaxy in star wars and in our own. So what is my problem with star wars?  Well thanks for asking? Its pretty obvious but i’ll break it down. White men are the entire movie. Whos the bad guy - BLACK vador. oh course. Let him be black to show people that only white people are good. What happens when he turns good? He takes off his mask to show hes white. So its not ok to show black people as evil? Apparently it is, and we rejoice it.

Black men and women arent even represented in the movie - EXCEPT FOR THE FUCKING BROWN GORILLA MONSTER. So he gets to be a minority but Luke and sister and Indiana are white and loved while the black people get raped and pilgrimiged for it.

Fact - not 1 white member of the star wars cast payed taxes on there earnings. How many went to prison? Don’t be silly, theyre white. So none? None.

Ok so we are setting up a society that praises the wrong people? Yes/ Why not have a woman or a black man as the hero? Why not allow any minority a role with dignity. We shouldn’t judge anyone but these fat white boys are the cause of the worlds issues. You dont speak up when a white man gets a job over a black man who has better qualifications. You dont speak up when that black man gets put in prison for you killing someone and blaming him. You sit there playing your star wars. In the time it took me to write this, 6 hours, 396 mexican women would have been raped and murdered by white men. How many of these men will go to the prison? None. How many black men? 18. THAT ISN’T JUSTICE. So Wake up society - stop being racist and fuck your stars wars. #notjustaprettyface #realworldproblemsbeforetheempireexisted