This year i’m feeling kinda navy :) Starting my university life with a new school purse! I love collecting longchamp purses :)

Don’t you just love my pink leather heart keychain by Schuhmacher ? I thought it’d add the perfect girly touch! Got the heart from my mom as a little good luck charm for University! Thanks mommy! I love you!

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This weeks must have buy JEREMY SCOTT for Longchamp

The latest Longchamp Le Pilage features this amazingly colourful and bright design by one of my all time favourite designers; Jeremy Scott. The foldable tote features an image design covereved in pills of all shapes, sizes and colours. 

This is one PIL-age I will be popping…out to the shops and buying!


For tonight’s book review I have chosen Pilage by Obert Skye. This is a young adult modern day fantasy novel.

What I liked:

  • ·         Dragons- I love books with dragons and this one was no different. The thing I really liked it that the dragons were not the perfect shining example of wisdom. They were more animalistic and brutish.
  • ·         The mystery- There was an underlying mystery, who is the bad guy and what happened in the past?

  • ·         Well written- The story was well written and interesting. I wanted to read the whole book as quick as I could. The language was age appropriate and drew great mental images.


What I didn’t like:

  • ·         It leaned towards slow, but did not quite achieve it.

            I recommend this novel for any young reader of fantasy or looking to start reading. It was well written and did a good job of keeping me engaged.

officialaphnetherlands replied to your post:lets all remember that Portugal actually did give…

the english troops let the french go home with all the stuff they pilaged (plus the english looted too i think) so at least we know port and arthur are even

oh I know that, and lets not even get into how hard it was to get rid of the english soldiers too (and yep they did loot), that they charged for the help AND what it meant for Brazil. Plus Arthur didn’t have as much to lose in the early days of the alliance as Port did in the 1800s, plus the ultimatum so I think Port still feels cheated pff


A lot of things didn’t make sense to me back when I knew everything. Why would anyone say “what the hell?” to dismiss something curious? Why would anyone ask “Why me?” I have been the decades-long subject of heartless experimentation designed to ensure my adherence to someone else’s values and the more paranoid I get, the more I feel like I’m waking up, all the more I am convinced that information is poison. I want to experience unity, not collect bits and bytes. It’s so lonely here that I am given privacy just so I can be intruded upon. These pointless games may be amusing if I felt safe, if the stakes weren’t my ownly happiness or bemusement, but for me they are terrible. And I could incinerate the whole lot—to suffuse my power with this anger and so realize my destructive potential—but I choose peace and instead reduce to a smoldering pilage of pokable coals. This is not why I embraced vulnerability. It’s not the lesson in trust I sought. I’ve been let down gently, ever gently, by a world of short-sighted misery. I cast off my life for curiosity of the dead, and now in the underworld a call for light rises in my chest. Am I doomed to vacillate greener grasses meaner sobriquets adhering to a pliant model polishing veneer so to reflect less like a circus glass and find at once and last what’s come, the place where is and has collide? Or am I trapped here, forced by whimsy to endure corporealish washy time-struck atoms. How I’ve changed. How the meaning of idealism shifts with me. What the hell. Why me?