I know we all get super excited about the new upcoming games but I thought we could put aside one week to celebrate the older games, the ones that got many of us into Voltage in the first place. 

I realized a lot of the new people may not even have heard about them, so next week from 15 to 21 of September 2014 let’s do the VOLTAGE NOSTALGIA WEEK. Each day will be devoted to one app, you can post images of your favorite character for that day, make posts about why you love that app, post fan videos and gifs and art and fics, and basically brag about it to all of us, and no judging allowed! 

So if you want to take part in it, see the schedule below. Please reblog this post and let the party begin!

September 15 (Monday) - PIL - Pirates in Love
September 16 (Tuesday) - AKD - A Knight’s Devotion
Septemebr 17 (Wednesday) - SITSC - Seduced in the sleepless City
September 18 (Thursday) - KOR - Kiss of Revenge
September 19 (Friday) -  OS - Office Secrets
September 20 (Saturday) - IYAT - In your Arms Tonight
September 21 (Sunday) - LLFTX - Love Letter from Thief X

I chose these apps because they have not gotten any new updates recently and have fallen off Voltage’s radar for the US market. So let’s show them some love everyone!!! #Voltage Nolstagia Week

Send me a Number Voltage Style.
  • 1. Top Voltage Guy?
  • 2. Voltage guy you hate.
  • 3. Favorite CG?
  • 4. Besides your tumblr friends, does anyone else knows you play Voltage Games?
  • 5. How often do you play?
  • 6. What is your first Voltage Games?
  • 7. What are your first impressions on Voltage Games?
  • 8. Recent Voltage Game you played?
  • 9. Why do you like your favorite Voltage Guy?
  • 10. How many Voltage apps do you have?
  • 11. What would you do if your favorite voltage guy was real?
  • 12. What route would you recommend from any voltage game and why?
  • 13. Is there a route that you refuse to play, if so then who?
  • 14. Who is your favorite MC?
  • 15. Who is your least favorite MC?
  • 16. Who is your favorite minor character?
  • 17. Who is your least favorite minor character?
  • 18. Which voltage guy would be your best friend? (Not lover)
  • 19. If your favorite voltage guy was your boyfriend, how would your parents react?
  • 20. How would your friends react?
  • 21. Does their age matter when playing a route?
  • 22. Favorite plot out of all the games?
  • 23. Do you use your actual name or an alias?
  • 24. Which voltage guy has the best hair?
  • 25. Which voltage guy has the best clothing?
  • 26. Is there an MC you find relatable, if so then who?
  • 27. Is there any voltage guy that reminds you of someone?
  • 28. How would you react if your favorite voltage guy visited you at work/school?
  • 29. Would you trust your favorite voltage guy to cook?
  • 30. Who do you think is the meanest voltage guy?
  • 31. What are your expectations when playing a route?
  • 32. Which MC has the best job?
  • 33. How much did you spend on voltage games?
  • 34. If you haven’t played a Voltage game, how do you choose the guys you play first?
  • 35. Do the guys you play first end up being your favorite?
  • 36. One thing you hate about your favorite Voltage guy?
  • 37. Who would you go shopping with?
  • 38. Do you play voltage games in public?
  • 39. Ever got angry playing?
  • 40. Ever got sad playing?