The clock lives! 128 incandescent bulbs, 11 watts each, make up four digits of an alphanumeric display which will primarily be used as a clock for AvroKO remodel of the Westin hotel in San Francisco, CA. The unit is powered by four Kontraptioneering relay boards (32 channels each) and a single, lightly loaded Arduino Uno with some of the simplest and neatest wiring you’ll ever see in a project with SO many outputs. No breadboards, no jankey mess, no hot glue. This will all get mounted to a nice walnut board with hand turned solid brass stand-offs.

I’m sometimes reluctant to say that I use Arduino’s in “real” projects because they tend to get a bad rap for all the hobby use they get. Fact is, they’re just really accessible, and with that come lots of people that just really like to make up messy breadboards and not write any new code. But you don’t HAVE to roll that way.