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keep-the-car-running’s questions!:

1. How many posts have you made? 877
2. Favourite book? Harry Potter. Any of them.
3. Favourite actor/s? Rupert Grint, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Chris Hemsworth
4. Should you be revising/studying right now? YES. I’ve got a few more exams this week.
5. Count how many books you own? (OMG) definitely more than 650. Counted the bigger ones (three languages, come on!)
6. Favourite band/artist? Beatles, Queen, Skillet, Gotye, Kimbra
7. Count how many DVD’s you own? My family owns a bunch. I don’t think any of them belong particularly to ME. 
8. What’s your favourite movie that doesn’t have a huge fandom? I think Mary Poppins
9. Last movie you watched? part of “Mannen som elsket Yngve” (Norwegian movie)
10. Any pets? I had two cats, one was put down :( the remaining one is called Kitka, 12 years old, she’s very smart c:
11. Would you rather be attacked by 50 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck?

1 horse sized duck…. as long as I have something to defend myself with

grey-havensesquestions as in my questions: 

1.If a group of mad scientist came to your house, and told you : “thou is the chosen maiden/dude of science to find the cure of every illness” how would you react? I’d say, omg you creeps get away why do you even know where I live I mean come on I have a life go away D:

2. if you were walking down the streets, and saw Benedict Cumberbatch in his Sherlock costume, write your state of mind in that instant: Idunn would die if she saw him.

3. Do you feel very much alike a fictional character? if so, wHO AND WHY I feel very alike Hermione Granger because I used to be a bit of a know it all (I think I still am) and I used to be so peaceful and now I break rules all the time at school (stupid PDA rule) and my best friend turned out to now be my boyfriend, like Ron c:

4. what is your favourite ice cream flavour don’t know whether I should choose Pistachio or Chocolate….

5. do you like jelly beans yesh c:

6. What is your favorite game? Skyrim/COD BO2/Far Cry 3/ TF2

7. who is your role model? I really don’t know. Anybody who is awesome at everything they do and can cope with their life (unlike me)

8. if you knew someone in real life who is a bit odd in a way you recall, do you assume they have a tumblr yeah, I guess

9.big eyebrows or thin eyebrows or no eyebrows big!

10: favorite flavored jelly bean?? do you not…like…..jellybeans? sizzling cinnamon. It burns but it tastes so good!

11. Do you assume girls with fake tan look like oily carrots? yes they do. EWW D:

(ExTraaa: how many bananas out of 10 would you rate these questions? ) ALL 10 of them!

Sylvscats’ questions: 

1. Favourite subject at school?

2. Favourite quote?

3. Favourite Harry Potter spell?

4. Do you prefer snow, rain or sun?

5. Do you play any musical instruments?

6. Favourite composer (classical/movie themes/game themes)?

7. What would be your weapon of choice if you were in the middle of a zombie apocalypse?

8. Do you have a crush/boyfriend/girlfriend?

9. Favourite food?

10. Favourite colour?

11. Would you rather lose a leg or lose an arm?

pikachoou asked:

I swear Hart is one of my favorite OCs you've had and I really need free time to get Meryl speaking to him more!!



((alkhsdgklhalskdgjlsd THANK YOU <3 

and hey i’m busy too so I understand. At least winter break is coming up soon!!))