Behold the delicious cuteness and adorable tastiness of Cinnabacon Piglets, a DIY snack created by Instructables contributor krivas. Each endearing porcine cinnamon bun contains a rolled up strip of candied bacon. They’re easy to make and guaranteed to make your home smell amazing. The more we thinking about it, the more we want to sneak out of work early to go make some right away.

Head over to the Instructables project page for the complete recipe and instructions.

[via That’s Nerdalicious!]

‘Tales’ Of Pig Intelligence, Factory Farming And Humane Bacon

Today journalist Barry Estabrook talks about the conditions of industrial pig slaughterhouses:

“Of all the things I saw, the thing that hit me the hardest, twisted my guts the hardest, was when I walked into a low, dark barn in Iowa and in that barn there were 1,500 sows, pregnant female pigs, and they were all in individual cages that were too small to hold them. … When they did have their babies they would move into something called a 'farrowing crate’ which allowed the sow no more room to move, and you take these intelligent, inquisitive, emotional creatures and confine them to a lifetime — it would be like being confined to a coffin for a lifetime or worse than your dog being confined to its travel case for a lifetime. But that’s the way 80 percent of the sows in this country live their entire life.”

Estabrook’s new book is called Pig Tales: An Omnivore’s Quest for Sustainable Meat