In 2012 alone, American police killed 313 unarmed black men, women and children alone. And this number does not include those they have criticized, wrongfully and unlawfully detained, bludgeoned or sexually assaulted…




"They think it’s a joke.  They think it’s a game." 

Went to the Chicago protests today.  Most of the cops were rolling their eyes and laughing at us.  Oh, and then they started arresting people who fell off of the sidewalk by accident.  Pretty sad that this isn’t being taken seriously by the pigs in power.

Meanwhile, this was one of the most powerful and amazing experiences I have had the opportunity to be a part of.  From peacefully (notice I said “peacefully”) marching, to sitting down in front of the police station singing Amazing Grace in unison, it was all an amazing experience. Yes, it’s sad and ridiculous that these kinds of protests have to even take place, but I’m proud to be a small part of the large sum of voices that are choosing to speak up - not remain silent. 

These are all my photos.  Please don’t remove the source.  


You know i’m not even going to block their names, I want you to see how fucking retarded these white privileged Americans are.

If you read the article it is stated the police officers DIDN’T give no warning or tried to give the boy any orders, so most of what these guys are saying is the simple, “Why didn’t he listen?” typical blame victim ideal.  

The kid was 12 years old, the person who called the cops even said, the gun is most likely fake, yet these trigger happy fucks were still “threaten”  by the boy.  I’m done with this society, obviously cops don’t give a fuck anymore because no matter what they do (until they kill the “wrong” person), you white privileged dumb asses are going to stick up for them because they simply didn’t “follow the rules”.

But when Obama try to take away ya’ll guns, you guys go into a fucking uproar like it’s a tragedy, and don’t get me started about how much you guys are bitching over his new Immigration system.