Just because it seems teacup pigs are coming back and all I see is ~omg cute i want a pig now~, I think this seriously needs to be addressed:
"Teacup" pigs are produced by humans using incredibly cruel methods. The mothers are impregnated before they are fully grown, as babies themselves, in order to stunt the growth of the piglets. Mothers are underfed in order to produce runts (the "super cute" teacup pigs) - weak, fragile, malnourished and riddled with health problems.

When they are born, the piglets are only allowed to feed from their mothers for approximately 1 week (again, to deprive them of the nutrients and food they need to grow), they are taken from their mothers (in many of these “cute” videos you can clearly still see their umbilical cords) and in order to be kept small, are underfed for the rest of their typically short lives.

Common health problems for teacup pigs (and other teacup animals) are:

  • Heart Deformities, often resulting in a short lifespan.
  • Digestive system deformities (very common in teacup pigs).
  • Liver deformities, known as shunts.
  • Prone to Hypoglycemia.
  • More at risk to head/brain injury as the soft spot on their skull may not harden correctly.
  • More susceptible to illness and stress.
  • Tend to have more fragile bones.
  • More dental problems.
  • Higher rate of Epilepsy.
  • More prone to dehydration.
  • Physical defect where the outside stops growing but the internal organs continue to
  • Other deformities in offspring due to inbreeding often used to get such small animals.

And finally, to add insult to injury, many MANY of these pigs end up growing, despite the chances they have. Which means they are abandoned, surrendered, sold (sometimes into slaughter) and left homeless because people didn’t get the minuscule, permanent foetuses they signed up for.

So before you start with the “so cute” and “I want one” bullshit, actually think about the pigs and the disgusting way they’re manipulated, modified and abused by humans. It’s not all so cute and innocent now. So not are we now eating pigs (one of the most abused animals on the planet), we can now abuse and torture them in a different way and display them as cute accessories/must-have items. When will you people be satisfied with the amount of damage you have done and continue to support?

We need to take a step back and ask why the events in Tyson’s video occurred. To me, the data seems clear: We can no longer afford to treat this case as an isolated incident, but rather as part of a dangerous trend….

Yes, vegans DO care about humans. Factory farming is not only bad for the animals, our health and our environment but it is also terrible for the workers. Regrettably, the initial investigation video did not touch on the workers rights issues which it absolutely should have. 

Fuck factory farming. And fuck meat eaters who complain that vegans don’t care about people, while still eating factory farmed food. And yes, workers on produce farms do suffer (although animal farms are much more damaging emotionally). So if you can, eat local, and eat fair trade. And always eat vegan. 

“The factory farms that supply our meat consumption fuel a vicious structure of worker exploitation. While their actions are not condonable, it is at least apparent that workers develop desensitization to killing in order to survive; the cruelty we see them exhibit towards the animals is an unfortunate but inevitable result of the structure of subordination that the workers are locked into.”

Tiny Pig Inherits Vast Fortune

The long inheritance battle over the Piggy-Wiggy family estate came to a close last week when a judge awarded greater than 80% of the fortune to young heiress, Henrietta. Leaked court documents, obtained by The Fluffington Post, reveal just how much the pig stands to inherit.

According to financial records introduced by the pig and her lawyers, the Piggy-Wiggy estate is valued at between $70 and $90 million. That is easily the largest porcine fortune in the world, handily outstripping the pig who stared in the movie Babe, whose net worth is estimated at around $2 million.

The estate includes millions in cash and stock holdings, as well as a good deal of luxury real estate.

Notable residences that Henrietta can now call home include an 8-bedroom mansion in the wealthy enclave of Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA, a 15-bedroom, 12-bathroom “cottage” in Newport, RI and a 2,500 square foot condo on Central Park West, in New York, NY, valued at $12.5 million.

The pig could not be reached for comment.

Via prissy_pig.

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Where are the fucking punks, huh? Where are the anti-racists, the anti-facists, the SJWs, the activists, the anarchists?

Where are the fucking white punks who reblog “fuck the police” and “all pigs must die”? Stop sewing patches, sober up, and recognize the moment you’ve been whining about, when police are militarized and shooting black men, women, and children, in the streets.

Where the fuck are you right now?


Get loud if you can’t get to Missouri.

FERGUSON, MO (KTVI) – Martez Little, 24, of Ferguson, a witness to the officer involved shooting near Ferguson just after midnight Wednesday morning, said police also beat and threatened him.
Esrail Britton, 19, was critically wounded by a police officer just after midnight Wednesday morning.
[…] He said he fell into a group of about 8 demonstrators. He thought they were breaking up for the night.  Then, from somewhere in the group, he heard shots fired. He said he ran when he saw a police officer fire at Britton.

Police caught Little not far from that shooting scene.

“Then, one police grabbed me by both of my legs and just got to dragging me while I was in handcuffs.  That’s why my face got like that because I couldn’t put no pressure down to keep my face from hitting the ground… I was afraid for my life, I thought I wasn’t going to make it …because it was too many guns in my face,” he said.

Then they held him overnight for questioning.