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Imagine Bucky Barnes - tall, muscled, tough, ex-assassin... Using his strength to give his kids piggyback rides all the time.

They move out of Avengers Tower, back to Brooklyn, and it’s the best damn decision they’ve made in a while. This Brooklyn is a world away from the one they grew up in, but it still feels like home to Bucky in a way that loosens something in his chest, makes his days easier in the same way that sleeping beside Steve makes his nights easier. Even on his worst days, when Steve is away on Avengers business and he sleeps the morning away because the dark is filled with nightmares, Bucky can make it as far as the front stoop, spending the afternoons watching ebb and flow of people, and it helps.

The first time he’d shown his hand — literally — one hot summer afternoon, he’d attracted a gaggle of kids pretty rapidly.

"Can you crush a car?" one had asked, transfixed by the sight of Bucky sipping his coffee. Bucky had considered that. It’d take a while, but, "Yes."

"Could you take on the Hulk?" That’s not something he and Bruce ever wanted to test. Bucky would lose, for a start. "No one can take on the Hulk."

"Is it bullet proof?" "Sort of. Enough."

"How much can you lift?" HYDRA had forced him to test that until the plates had warped and his shoulder had been a hot ball of agony. They hadn’t deigned to show him the exact results. "A lot."

It was the adults who had asked the more pertinent questions: “You live with Steve, don’t you?” asked the young mom — Louise, building across the street, second floor — who came to drag her children home.

"Yes, ma’am," he’d said. He’d received a firm, decisive nod. He’d not been sure what to make of it at the time, but it’s been months now, and the press still haven’t found their way to the front door. He can’t help wondering if the determination behind that nod had anything to do with it.

Today, she comes past with her dog on the way to the park. “Steve away again?” He nods, letting her puppy enthusiastically snuffle his hands. “You okay for food?” He is, and he says so, but she grins knowingly. “You want more lasagne?” He grins back. “That’d be wonderful, thank you.”

A little later, the after-school crowd swarms past, and he trades greetings and the occasional fist bump.

Monique is at the tail end of the crowd, later than usual. One pigtail has come loose, which is normal enough, but she’s also walking carefully enough for Bucky to take a second glance. She’s deliberately walking along a sidewalk crack, he realizes and supresses a childhood wince.

She reaches the end of the crack, hops from there to a tree shadow, balances her way down a line between the paving stones, makes a last precarious leap to an ice-cream wrapper, and finally lunges to the apparent safety of Bucky’s stoop.

"Can’t go any further," she announces, panting dramatically.

"No?" He raises an eyebrow at her.

"Sidewalk’s lava," she says. "It’s getting worse."

He assesses the pavement. It’s another hundred yards between their stoops and the lunging distances between cracks, shadows, and litter are daunting for short legs. “That’s a lot of lava.”

"You’ve got super-everything, you can survive lava," she says, pointedly. "And you can jump further.” Her face is deadly serious, so he bites the inside of his mouth to hide his smile.

"Yeah, okay," he says, and she scrambles up the steps, miraculously no longer winded. He shifts up into a crouch and she clambers aboard, grabbing her own arms rather than his throat, which he rather appreciates. He hitches her up to his waist, securing her under the knees.

"We good?" he asks. She nods against his neck, and he picks his way down to the bottom step. "Right," he says. "I need some rock outcrops, here. Give me a terrain report."

She rests her chin on his shoulder, radiating intensity as she assesses. “That leaf, before it gets away.”

"Forward march," he grins, and jumps.

imagine dating nate maloley

-hugging him
-seeing him shirtless 24/7
-him giving you piggyback rides
-spending your holidays with him
-kissing him everywhere
-seeing him smile
-hearing him sing to you
-cuddling in bed
-going on tours with him
-meeting his fans
-hanging out with him when he’s with his friends
-him teaching you how to ride a skateboard
-him calling you babygirl
-having sex weekly
-wearing his hats
-going on long walks and talking about your future together
-wearing his merch
-makeout sessions
-getting matching tattoos

Mostly because I don’t want to piggyback off multiple responses and someone’s ask but.


In what world do we seriously get the notion that Woobin cares for Jongsuk more than vice versa? 

I mean, even just looking past the fact that we can only know what we see—what we’re permitted to see via interviews, fanmeets, and other things that are given to us (meaning that we have no idea what goes on behind closed doors; they’re both very honest people, but being honest does’t mean revealing the whole of your friendships or personal lives at the drop of a dime), I have a hard time even understanding that notion.

You could argue that maybe Jongsuk comes up as a topic of conversation more in Woobin’s interviews, but that doesn’t mean much. Jongsuk’s had a couple of high profile projects this year that have given people a lot more stuff to talk about; Woobin’s been doing movies and CFs, so there’s a little less open material. Part of that is easily having an easy topic to default to.

But further than that, Woobin’s also just naturally more extroverted and comfortable with talking to people. I think it’s generally a lot easier for him to say those things without feeling uncomfortable. Jongsuk’s the type that always seems to have a much easier time talking about his work and how his feelings revolve around that than his personal relationships. He’s more introverted and I don’t think many people who have seen him outside of his actual scripted performances would argue that. He does well enough, but he struggles to find words, he gets awkward and uncomfortable, even in the most simple of interviews.

I don’t think it’s a very fair comparison to judge the ins and outs of a friendship based on… interviews and public appearances. They’re both pretty adamant about how close they are as friends, that they’re often in close contact even if they can’t meet up often.

I think about the Seoul fanmeet and how moved Jongsuk was, how he told stories of how guilty he felt for forgetting Woobin’s birthday (which who could even blame him when it came right in the fizzling aftermath of Doctor Stranger’s finale). Their interactions on that day alone showed so much how solid their friendship is. Do we really need to place any sort of percentage on who cares for whom more? They’re friends and they clearly treasure that a lot. That’s all I ever need to know about it, honestly.

I never noticed the ache in my shoulders, the bend of my spine
until I could stand up straight again.

I carried the devil piggyback
for so long that I had no idea
that not everyone can smell
sulfur with each breath.

—  (What a relief it is to breathe cleanly again.) [k.m]
tourist day fluffy headcanons/scenarios

hiro and tadashi taking a day to go sightseeing/christmas shopping in san fransokyo and hiro getting all hyper from the morning to the rest of the day and tadashi kinda starts to het hyper just by exposure. He’s giving hiro piggyback rides and running through crowded squares and marketplaces with him on his back laughing and blowing raspberries on his neck

theyve never gone sightseeing because aunt cass never really had the money to take them to do this kind of stuff when they were younger so theyre experiencing it together on their own now

so theyre at tourist attractions running and yelling and laughing at each other until theyre crying and they cant breathe and people are staring at them and tadashi has to drag them out because theyre laughing so hard and causing a scene

and they go to the pier and steal little kisses when no ones looking;-;

they get a bunch of signature san fransokyo “if you go there, you have to try the _____!” type of food and walk around for a little before settling down in a park and people watching, and hiro falls asleep on tadashi in the sun and tadashi just decides that he could really get used to this

Hey guys! In FFXIV, meowdypurrtner and I are going to have an Eternal Bonding Ceremony (WEDDING….) in two hours, and I was wondering if anyone would you like to attend!

It’s on Leviathan, and it’s at 12:00am Eastern (2 hours from now). If you’re from a different server I’ll piggyback you to the chapel on a Draught Chocobo, or just hit me up if you’re in Leviathan!

My in game name is Eloxio Volaero, and I look forward to seeing you there!


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What would GD, Dae and Seungri do if they were to give you a piggyback ride but after like a minute they'd be tired cuz you're actually heavy?

They’d all probably just put you down eventually if they got really tired - not that they wouldn’t try to carry you. I see Seungri accidently making a comment about it (for example: simply just saying something like, ‘Ah~ You’re heavy.’) that wasn’t meant to be rude, but came across as rude. You’d end up going off in a little mood with him to which he’d end up following you around like a lost puppy trying to explain himself and apologise. Daesung would try to carry you for the longest amount of time out of the three as I believe he is the strongest, but eventually he’d just put you down and walk alongside you instead. GDragon would do the same as Daesung, but for not as long and he’d complain about wanting to hold your hand instead or something - he is good with girls and his words, he’d find a romantic/flirtatious excuse to use probably, haha.

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"he might have the wings but she's always had the halo" Excuse me while I go cry for eternity.... That was really beautiful :')

Thank you love. I always felt that the serious piggyback signified Beth and Daryl becoming one being with her taking the place of his wings, like an angel walking through that graveyard helping the dead to cross over.

Pity we never got to see anything come of that as the show was cancelled after season 4.

I’m glad you enjoyed it, but sorry I made people cry.