im still laughing at the hatoful manga even if i can’t tell what the last bubble is supposed to mean

shuu’s walking around with nasty bird guts and mr. nanaki’s just like “can i have some after you cook it”

I’m so glad?? because Puella would be so happy to see sankari again, and then they could play like he never could in life because she’s just a tailor’s apprentice and he’s a prince, but now that he’s dead he doesn’t have to care about appearances and stuff like that

she’s good at sewing so she sews herself a uniform (it’s actually not very good) and tries to pass as a transfer student in takehiko’s class after she runs away from home



Friends, words are not important, if it is me, but there is a secret. My true name… is not Majestic Butt Jei. That beloved name was once 山田 刃流 (Yamada Haru). Aside, my name after the time of birth was Jei…

He shrinks up as much as he can when he finally reveals his real name, in stark contrast to the giant fluffball he is in public. He only lets a few people know and use it, though. He doesn’t want any negative associations with his favourite name.


My name is Oshiri Jei, nice to meet you. I am a foreign student from America but I still have bad speak, please forgive me. With that, I am quiet but want to become companions!

Everyone of Birdwatch Club, this thing is scary, not-smart birds and new smart birds are the same! We are important even if our words are bad!

and then the Birdwatching Club laughed at Jei and he ran off and stopped speaking to most people

I’m not sure how old to make Akiko since I kind of want to make her the cute kid who still speaks in third person, but. Also feel like the age difference shouldn’t be that large. Maybe a middle schooler who thinks like an elementary schooler?

help me

i like yamada haru/oshiri jei too much

or rather, i like thinking about headcanons for yamada haru and his great friends who are all super cute

(he won’t let you know that he likes cute things until the third date for a while after befriending him, though)