Sometimes, I get really, really worried that no guy will ever love me. And I sit here thinking: "well, why?" And then I remember I'm sitting here watching weird movies with my hair in Baby-Spice pigtails and hugging my new giraffe-shaped pillowpet that I have named Roranicus Pondicus (affectionately called Rory) and I'm like, "THAT'S WHY!"

And then I have a random midnight dance party with my suitemate that looks vaguely like: 

But a bit more ridiculous and then I’m like: 

But then when she leaves I take my pigtails out. Because I still worry. 



1) Do what Daddy says.

2) Every day, you will wear something feminine, be it pigails, pink clothing or ribbons, etc.

3) Stress Free Time begins at 8pm. We don’t discuss stressful things or problems, unless it directly involves with us and we need to see it and move past it.

4) Togetherness is a top priority during days off. RP time is allowed, permission must be given first, and only done while cuddling.

5) Punishments that can not be immediately carried out due to circumstances beyond our control will be completed at a later time that same day.

6) Rewards that can not be immediately given due to circumstances beyond our control will be given later that same day.

7) On days off, it is your priority to relax and allow Daddy to take care of things. THis does not include daily chores.

8) Unless unforeseen circumstances prevent it, chores and assignments are to be complete daily, or there will be punishments.

[9) After sex, you will be cleaned up using special towels. These will be marked and only for that sole purpose. Then we will cuddle.

10) If you start touching yourself, tell daddy, as he really likes knowing these things.

11) Every week, on my third day off, we try something new. whether it’s something you want to try, or something I want to try is dependent on good behavior.

12) When we are going out, we dress up, even if it’s too the grocery store. We both feel better when dressed up

13) Each day, we sit and talk to one another about anything that may be on our minds. whether it’s curiosity, concern, or fears, or anything.

14) Remember the safeword: EXIT. Say this at any time, and we will stop and cuddle.

15) Once a week, if not more, we do something fun, non electronic together. bored games, date night, card game, etc

16) When you are angry, you can choose to walk away, or be held, without either of us talking, until you feel we can talk.

17) if you are being restrained during sex, I will NOT choke you. I want your hands free when I do that.

18) If you are too sore for sex in anyway, we take a minimum 24 hour break from actual sex. I can still rub and massage your clit, but no penetration until you are no longer sore.

19) If I’m punishing you for something, regardless of the punishment, I want you to tell me if I’m going to far.

20) You get one hour after waking up with which you get to be grumpy. Daddy also gets the opportunity to cheer you up in this hour.

21) Your shop is very important, and purchases made toward furthering it do not count as rewards. When Daddy is home, he will help however possible, but would also like time with you and will request it if he thinks you are getting frustrated or think you need break.

22) Any dispute of the previous rules or things not covered, defer to rule number 1