Yeah, don’t think you didn’t see it coming. Heehee~!

I’m so happy with this run. ^O^

Atmadja’s flag feature was soops clean and gorgeous and everything just worked out nicely~!
Ninkou Latora was fab too, ESPECIALLY THE RIFLE RIPPLE @ ~2:55. AAAH. <3 Flaggies were cute and omg they’re growing up to be wonderful performers. :’) Still a work in progress, though. For everyone. -Don’t think you’re off the hook with performance faces-
Quidam. YAY BRYANT. Whispering to Bryant through my teeth, “Oh my god OH MY GOD.” Fucking. Burning by then LOL. The color scheme after the first set of work is a bit awkward, but it’s ok~. We’re cute. :’) And I’m upset that you can’t see the sabres! Except for Ajae’s solo, which was pretty ~amazern~ for learning it that day. Props, props. ~_~
And then there’s Incantation. LOL. I HATE EVERYTHING THE END. 

Oh, and I want the pictures to go up already. I want to see how dead everyone is. <3


If you host a marching field tournament, clap for the other bands. Clap for all of the other bands.

Clap for them as they are being announced.

Clap for 3rd place in division 1A all the way to sweepstakes.

Stand when you clap.

They spent hundreds of dollars getting busses to bring them to your school. They probably spent money on refreshments. They spent hours preparing a show and they tried. This tournament is not about you. This tournament could not happen without them. You don’t invite people over so you can take their money and ignore them and act like a bunch of self-righteous pricks. They are supporting your band. The least you can do is show some respect.

I was simultaneously really pissed off and really sad to see how much my own band just did not care.

#Poway Field Tournament #pift #poway #marchingband #fieldtournament

My run sucked. I hate precipitation, but thank God my Bass didn’t die until after the duet. (:

It’s time to kick it into high gear. We’ve got a lot more of the show coming next week. We’re coming after you Vista! Be prepared!


Soo…. I told you that I would do nightly updates about my trip… That lasted all of two days.


All I need to say is that if you ever have the chance to go on a STLF PIFT do it. (Student Today Leaders Forever — Pay It Forward Tour) Those 30 other people become your family so quickly. 

I just love all of them. 

I ask everyone at work, "do you think this man is attractive?" and put up a picture of Noel Fielding.

3/4 of them thought it was an ugly girl
And 1/4 of them thought he was meh, but not attractive.

Reading An Article About Arab Americans Post-9/11 & Watching BBC Sherlock.

<3 I’m too excited to sleep!

Tomorrow I embark to help lead a high school Pay It Forward Tour through Students Today Leaders Forever- the same organization through the University of Minnesota I traveled with during Spring Break 2011. Basically, me and five other students (not necessarily from the U) are leading roughly 40 high school students through a few different states for volunteer projects till we land in St. Louis- which I haven’t been to in a long time.

Traveling and volunteering are two of my absolute favorite things to do in the world- and with such a great group of students! I’m so fucking excited. This is the perfect lead-in to the rest of what will be, I’m sure, a fantastic and busy summer.

Basically: my life is awesome. How can one person be so lucky? :)


Day Two

This morning we all had heart attacks when my alarm went off. But none the less we all woke up and got breakfast! Nom!

Then our service project was dealing with the elderly! I hung out with Muriel (COURAGE THE COWARDLY DOG) at the Madison Botanical Gardens! It was so pretty and you could tell that they really enjoyed it!

Next we made a 2 minute pit stop at the capital building!

Then it was off to Indianapolis!
We arrived around 830 (time change and all) and we’ve just been hanging out getting to know people better!

Can’t wait for tomorrow!