The above still, and some new information about Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch have come out via Buzzfeed:

  • Aaron Taylor-Johnson was encouraged to be ‘messy’ and ‘dynamic’ with his arms and legs to make the running appear more emotional and expressive.
  • Joss Whedon was not particularly delighted that Quicksilver appeared in Days of Future Past, but says that the speedsters may as well be different characters.
  • The Maximoffs are very much anti-America, and anti-Avengers, a very important dissenting voice in a universe where the Avengers are a world power.
  • Wanda’s powers can make you have a nightmare, and those nightmares are where we will see Hayley Atwell’s and Idris Elba’s cameos as Peggy Carter and Heimdall respectively.

(Source: Buzzfeed)

wanda and pietro have always been on the run — they’ve had the mantra of ‘run and hide, run and hide’ ingrained into them since they were little. 

(they remember the old mountain villages and the wooden dolls that they would watch get carved into life — theyremember crackling fires and the starsthat would guide them through the forests) 

when they lose their parents they remember the howling of the wolves and the sound of fear coursing through their veins.

(they run and hide, run and hide, for no one will help them.) 

they first meet the archer, with his stumbling walk and bruises that cut up his face,broken German  and French escaping him and they can call him a ‘friend ‘ —

they meet the woman with red in her hair and she speaks to them in Russian - and she laughs and dances away from them, and they follow,  old Tchiakovsky’s ballet numbers humming in their minds. 

(they are three wolves with no family,and she speaks their sister tongue and so they trust her, and she leads them to the others) 

They do not trust easily, they do not trust  themselves but every so often Wanda would sing Pietro to sleep and it would be the tales of the golems and the red king and the witch, and death and the  sweetheart and he’d complain that he’s not a child anymore — and she’ll laugh and laugh and tell him that they’ve only got each other, and no other family and so he’d grumble and mutter something about overprotective sisters . 

they run with the wolves and do not trust easily and yet when the time comes they brush the dust and dirt off of their clothes and take one step forward with the wolves —

 you are not alone —

and they smile and nod, because they were not going to run and hide anymore, they would stand and fight, as wolves did — for they had something to protect and to avenge, and so they would not be silenced, the scarlet witch and  quicksilver —

they would keep their folklore and hymns hidden in their memories and when the stars flickered in the sky, they’d yell them out into the world — for they would not let them be forgotten, the old romani lore which kept them warm and safe when the wolves would howl outside.

(run and hide run and hide no more — for you are an avenger now, and you must protect those who cannot protect themselves.) 


Pietro and Wanda alternate wryly ribbing each other with the “little” brother/sister title, in jest.

Truthfully, they have no idea who was born first. Think about it: is this really something Bova would have bothered sharing with the High Evolutionary (essentially a deity-like figure to her), and in turn would he have 1) remembered it through all the years while he kept the twins in suspended animation and then 2) thought it was important enough to relay to the Maximoffs when he bestowed the babies into their fosterage?

The siblings also surprise each other with random “Happy Birthday” gifts at any given time of year - having no idea what day (or date) they were actually born. Because again: how would they know?