I deal with a lot of bullshit on the Internet and in my daily life from people feeling the need to express their hatred towards my appearance and the decisions I made to adorn my body in art, and in the past couple days a lot of my photos have been reblogged with nothing but hate and negativity. To all of you who reblog the photos of others and call them ‘ugly’ or 'unattractive’ or 'disgusting’ because they don’t fit the mold of what you think is beautiful, pull out a chair and sit the fuck down. And stop being negative. People all around us are dying every day, people are killing themselves because they feel inadequate, unaccepted and unloved. There’s so much power in us! One kind word, one gesture, one compliment or act of genuine care could change someone’s fucking life, it could change someone’s life. Think about that before you reblog a photo calling someone ugly. To everyone who read this, I love the shit out of you and I’m sorry this is lengthy I’ve been up for a while 🙈 lol.

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I will never understand people who preach HATE in the name of God, who loves everyone. you’re telling me that a nose ring will impair my relationship with God and I can’t simply love life and have one at the same time? Christianity gets such a bad rep because of people and preachers who try to pass their own personal opinions off as the Word of God and that is so wrong. I’ve also heard divorced Christians talk down on gay people time and time again as if they haven’t sinned by their own actions. the world is changing, and I believe that some aspects of religion have to ADAPT as well in order to stay alive. remember, they Bible tells us not to judge our neighbors, but so many people and PREACHERS are guilty of doing that.