Rook with #anatometal 3mm white opal princess cut on top, post and 3mm claw-set opal ball from #industrialstrength on bottom. I <3 mixing up jewelry brands to get unique combinations! This lady had a bad experience with a member of a piercing organization that uses antiquated techniques. I did her other flat a few months back and it healed with zero problems. So, she’s a customer for life now, even if the other place is only a quarter-mile from her house! #piercingbyjc #punch #miltex #biopsy #annarbor


PUNCH-O-RAMA #piercingbyjc #lltm #gangsterocity

Dang- that IS a 10 gauge industrial…with enough room to fly a r.c. helicopter between the bar and the flat…not too shabby! Not to mention dude came all the way from Brooklyn, NY (we have the best clients/fans EVER) #piercingbyjc but the idea came from @piercingsbycampbell jewelry by @jdplumeria