Well, We didn’t get to meet Pierce The Veil last night … We waited for about 2 1/2 hours and were 4 people away from our turn then in shut down, Pretty upsetting but shit happens i guess. The concert was amazing though and im glad i got to see it. There was the biggest circle pit Jeremy from ADTR has ever seen! i’d never been in a circle pit before so it was pretty crazy.  We got the barricade for PTV because we waited outside the venue for around 4 hours. They performed so well! someone was very rude though and stole the shirt i had just bought.. OH and at the merch table, Vinny Vegas was there? We also seen Adam Elmakias and overall it was pretty great. We tried so hard after the show to just get my friend in to meet them but it didnt work, :( Anyway, Thank you PTV, ADTR, and TGI for coming to Ottawa! <3