Wart-neck Piddock (Chaceia ovoidea)

…a species of boring clam that is found along the western seaboard of North America, ranging from British Columbia to Baja California. Named after the ‘warts’ that line their siphons, wartneck piddocks are often found burrowed into the substrate with only their siphons exposed. They use the “teeth” on their shells to burrow into clay/soft rock where they will remain for their entire lives, filtering the water around them for nutrients. Wart-neck piddocks often share these burrows with other animals like crabs, other molluscs, and sea anemones. 



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Jim Piddock on Russell Brand


Russell Brand and Jim Piddock in What about Dick, 2012 (above)

He’s a narcissistic, preeningpuerile, hyperactive, attention-seeking fame whore. But I love him. Partly because Russell Brand is the first person to tell you all of the above, but also because that’s only the half of it.

…Above all, though, he’s a walking, talking contradiction. Who else delivers such smart and humorous ruminations using the most grandiose and antiquated language, but in the broadest and crudest of Essex accents? Who else spends so many waking hours feeding his own ego, yet spends an equal number seeking oneness with the universe through Eastern philosophies and practices? Who else suffers from such severe ADHD and yet is so engaged in the one-on-one conversations he’ll have with literally anyone?

Like many others, I wasn’t predisposed to like Russell Brand before I knew him. But he turned out to be one of the very few people I’ve ever worked with—and that list is a veritable who’s who of film, television, and stage comedians—about whom I wouldn’t hesitate to use the “genius” epithet. I only wish I were that clever, bold, funny, and eloquent. But casting aside petty envy for a moment, I admit that I love Russell for being a larger-than-life, splendidly confounding concoction of enfant provocateur, Buddhist, intellectual, sinner, and moral compass. And when I look around and see all the dishonest, uncaring, fear-driven jerks out there (yes, even in show business!), I can’t help thinking we need more Russell Brands in the world.

Just not too many more. 

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piddock [psychogeophysics]

With a small sample of Piddocks, wrapped in seaweed and chilled to preserve them, we began to investigate the luminiscent properties of the Pholas Dactylus. The eyes must first become accustomed to total darkness for a few minutes and then the dull greenish blue glow of the opened mollusk becomes apparent. The glow is quite strong, clearly illuminating a glass of water and surroundings, and can last perhaps one day. The blue light offers a window into the world of the Piddock, a creature which spends its whole life in darkness, shunning daylight. Hands glow blue after touching the moist body of the Piddock, and if the raw Piddock is placed in the mouth the tongue and breath also glow blue, as indicated by Pliny in ancient Roman writings about the mollusk. The taste of the raw Piddock is equally as indescribable as this strange luminescence; an extreme chemical taste, perhaps stony or mineral, deep and prehistoric, very far from the usually mild seafood experience. All forms of cooking destroy the luminescence, though the raw Piddock can be preserved by freezing.


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    (Eric Idle, Eddie Izzard, Tim Curry, Billy Connolly, Russel Brand, Jane Leeves, Tracey Ullman, Sophie Winkleman, Jim Piddock)
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    (Alan Rickman, Ian McKellen, etc.)

Three comedies and a drama; that’s about my usual numbers, anyway! XD }