Commander Alex Vraciu passed away January 29, 2015 at the age of 96.  Thank you for your service and may you rest in peace.

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anonymous asked:

I am thinking of getting the IUD... the only thing that is holding me back is that I've heard that it increases your chances of contracting an STD. I am a sugar baby, I have multiple sexual partners and I don't always use condoms with all of them. I know that I am taking a risk at contracting STI/STDs right now and I am okay with that but I really don't want to increase that chance any more. Do you know anything about IUDs increasing the chances of contracting STDs/STIs?

It does not increase your chance of contracting a STD. What it can do is potentially put you at higher risk for pelvic inflammatory disease from a STD. In the past, it was recommended for only monogamous women because of the risk but the benefits of the device for younger women outweigh the potential of PID. I’m not your mother and I don’t like to scold people, we all make our own choices and we must live with those choices. 

Chances are, if these sugar daddies are fucking you raw, they are also fucking other girls raw too. And if a so called successful man is so unconcerned with his own health, it makes you wonder what he’s hiding. No money is worth your health or life. 

People have been asking me to do prints or t-shirts of Hema for years now.. SO HERE YOU GO! Going over the top with a power of a thousand suns goddamn 

I’m fighting with colours now but I like the lines too so I had to upload this

TSK: 3 months of worsening "deep inside" back pain, without relief despite various treatments by her personal physician (who has a reputation for "not doing GYN exams" regardless of the complaint)...

…And yet, I diagnosed her with Pelvic Inflammatory Disease due to Bacterial Vaginosis simply by the odor which wafted to my nostrils when she bent over to show me her range of motion during the spinal exam.

Patient’s face when I asked her “Have you had vaginal discharge ever since the back pain began?”:

My reaction in the nurse’s station, when the vaginal swab results came back confirming my olfactory-only diagnosis:

Oh gosh, this was too cute not to write. I hope you like it, anon! I haven’t written fiction in… literally years, so hopefully this isn’t the piece of shit I feel like it is. Bertholdt’s experience with being gay is entirely based off my experience with being ace, so sorry if it doesn’t seem quite right! Also it ended up being 3.5k oops so I’ve also posted it on my AO3 here.

(internalized homophobia, excessive use of the word “gay”, mild cursing, painful awkwardness, some casual use of ableist slurs, and shameless references to yumikuri and eremin under the cut)

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Iplehouse PID Dorothy

part of Iple’s new Pixxie Doll line, these babies are only 19 cm tall and feature a more stylised look compared to the natural & realistic sculpts that Iplehouse has come to be known for.

the faces are cute, IMHO, and have some room for versatility in Iple’s various resin colors. alas, I initially thought that Dorothy’s release would coincide with the introduction of a new shade of brown resin, but the drop-down menu on her order page lists this color as “light brown”, which seems to actually be the same ‘light brown’ that has been an option for a while now.

at any rate, I believe the promo photos show that Iplehouse remains a strong contender in the world of BJD, with improved joint design for posing, and an increased range in styles to appeal to an even broader portion of the doll-loving public.