Found someone else who posts pics and no credit… Beware, I found pics of @lindahallbergs and @katosu and I’m sure popular other ones I can’t remember off the top of my head right now… Help to get this IGer to give credit to the talents that she posts… @naohms @vegas_nay @missrachellev #beware #publicserviceannouncement #nocredit #muaproblems #picturestealing #makeupartist

Following day we prepared for a hike. Travelling north to Levanto up the dirt trail to Monterosso. a beautiful walk through forest, on top of the coast line cliffs with views every 5 minutes looking into the Mediterranean ocean. Thinking we could walk a couple of headlands, after reaching the top of this one.. Yeah Nah!! wasn’t happening. With the heat and exhaustion.. More sweat than t-shirt.. Lunch was the best option! Fresh produce from the town.. oh!! pesto!! the area is known for the pesto! Absolutely amazing!! 👌

on yet another train.. we had a quick swim stop at Vernazza.. Another picturest little town along the coast.