More markiplier wallpapers! Pictures found on Google and his Twitter, quotes, of course, from his videos. Made specifically for Android, but from what I’ve seen, can work on any other devices besides iPads/tablets. More to come! Let me know how they work, what you think, and any suggestions you have!


some pictures from Noel’s interview with Absolute Radio

Attention buyers!

I will not diet or gain weight for you.
I am comfortable with my body finally. I am not going to change it because you don’t want to buy pictures or videos or panties from a girl with my body type. You can find another girl to buy from then. Either you want my pictures and you buy them or you leave me alone and not tell me what I have to change for you.


favourite pictures of alex turner (in no particular order)pt. 4


Dinah recording Camila dancing


twenty one pilots / Indianapolis / April 19, 2014