• They performed in Glasgow! View everything (pictures, videos, gifs, etc.) from the show here! I’ll post a video list in the next day or two.
  • HQs from the Glasgow show can be found here.
  • The next show is in Newcastle on June 2nd.
  • They wore kilts on stage during the encore. It was amazing.
  • Calum and Ashton posted pictures of them wearing kilts backstage.
  • They posted this video of Calum singing 500 Miles backstage.
  • They also posted this cute picture of Calum & Ashton from the 31st, I believe.
  • They shared images from the European leg of their tour book!
  • It’s been two years since the music video for Try Hard was released!
  • This time last year: They opened for One Direction in Manchester + posted a Banana cam instagram video!

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love-is-strong asked:

Hopefully everyone will get those bracelets. I'm front of stage .. Praying that I'll have one. If you get any information about it please let me know.

From most of the videos/pictures it looks like everyone gets them. If anyone has been to a show already and knows the answer to this can you let us know?? Thanks!!

-Caroline (buttterfliesturnedtodust)

cherry-onn asked:

HAHAHAHA GOD, OBVIOUS THAT I AGREE! When I saw I almost died, I really need this magazine

Me too :( I wanna see more pictures and hopefully videos from the shoot. :) Madeline Brewer sums up all my feelings perfectly:

anonymous asked:

Mark had every reason to want to apologize as many people made actual points about why they were offended by the implications of his response (ie. they werent offended by the actual video like everyone seems to think). He responded to the situation poorly and he might just feel bad about hurting peoples' feelings no matter what the situation is because he's actually a nice person with a strong sense of empathy unlike the people that are shitting on everyone for being "butthurt"

The problem with many people is that they tend to take implications quite personally, when (a) the content wasn’t directed at them, and (b) the context was completely unrelated to any of the implications they got.

In this case, Mark responded to a hate post (where he was called ugly) by posting pictures of him in badly applied make-up from one of his videos (with the caption “Am I really?”). The fact that he took the least appealing photo of him that he had meant that it was an ironic response, which suggested that he jokingly agreed with the OP.
The ‘butthurt’ came from people that accused him of being transmisogynist in his response. They basically said that implying that a man in terrible make-up is considered ugly is offensive to trans women. As far as I know, the only connection between men in make-up and trans women is that trans women are considered as ‘men looking like women’.
However, I’d like to point that by making this point, one would be associating make-up with women - and we all know that Tumblr dislikes the concept of gender roles. They would also be associating ugliness with trans women (which in my opinion is VERY transmisogynist).
Women, including trans women, are used to applying make-up. Therefore, they would actually look appealing. Mark wasn’t. And when he showed those pictures in that post, he was saying that he was ugly because he applied the make-up quite horribly, NOT that he was ugly because he resembled a typical ‘man who looks like a girl’.

At first, Mark tried to reassure those people who claimed he offended that it wasn’t the case. But the fact that Mark went into hiding for all this time, while his fans went into war with his accusers (going as far as to harass and shame them brutally for their mistakes), was quite problematic - like he should’ve addressed his fans on their actions as well instead of allowing them to continue with the toxicity, so it didn’t look like he was actually condoning those actions.

Yes, he is a kind hearted person, one who didn’t deserve to have all this drama and controversy. The fact that he made an apology meant that he actually cares for everyone, even those who turned on him.
I’m not saying he can do no wrong, for he is human and does in fact make mistakes. I’m saying that he doesn’t deserve to get ripped apart by Tumblr whenever he does something they consider problematic - and you know Tumblr has an annoyingly large criteria for what is “problematic”.

Well, that went well

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May 19

Small group of protesters marched outside of Jennifer Joyce’s office after she decided not to file charges against Jason Flanery for the murder of VonDerrit Myers.

Protesters wanted to meet with Jennifer Joyce but she reportedly said she would only meet with 2 protesters. Protesters declined. They said they wanted her to meet with all of them or none of them. About 15 minutes later protesters were told Jennifer Joyce was no longer in the building.

On September 23, 2014 the DOJ told the Ferguson PD that they needed to wear their required name tags. As of May 19, 2015 some STL officers and sheriffs are still not wearing their required name tags.

VonDerrit Myers’ cousin was arrested after the protest ended. (video)

(More pictures from the protest.) (Short video of the protest.

This list is a work in progress! I’ll be updating it as more videos go live. The videos vary in video/sound quality. You can view pictures from the Amsterdam show here.

  1. End Up Here - xx / x / xx 
  2. Out of My Limit - x / x / x
  3. Heartbreak Girl - x / xx
  4. Voodoo Doll - x / x
  5. Permanent Vacation - x / x / xx 
  6. Don’t Stop - xx / x
  7. Disconnected - x / x / xx
  8. Long Way Home - xx / x / x / xx
  9. Rejects - x / xx
  10. Heartache on the Big Screen - x / x / x 
  11. Wrapped Around Your Finger - x / x / x / xx
  12. Amnesia - xxx
  13. Beside You - xxx
  14. Everything I Didn’t Say - xx
  15. American Idiot - x / xx
  16. Kiss Me Kiss Me - xx / x
  17. SLSP - xx / xx
  18. Good Girls - x / x / x / x
  19. What I Like About You - x / xx / x
  20. Other - xx / x / x / x / xx

This one supposed to be Jared and Jensen photo op. And the news about Jared hit me so much that I changed my clothes to these immediately.
Anyway, I asked him to place one hand on my cheek, but he did what he did and asked if it was ok. Like it won’t be ok to have both Jensen’s hands on your face. Nope. =)
All I can remember are Jensen’s eyes and a very serious face, and I didn’t think of where to place my hands, so I just did this.
His face is incredible. I know now that he doesn’t look like Dean at all, and his face is different, and he is all different from what we see on videos and pictures. So strong, confident and calm, but so serious at the same time, so solid. 

He cupped my cheek and clapped it a couple of times when we took a pic, I suppose he understood that the shirt was dedicated to absent Jared.

Please help spread the word of the “taylorconcerts” snapchat!
If you don’t know what it is, add “taylorconcerts” on snapchat to see pictures and videos live from each stop on the 1989 World Tour! Please reblog and share to get the word out there!

This list is a work in progress! I’ll be updating it as more videos go live. The videos vary in video/sound quality. You can view pictures from the Paris show here.

  1. End Up Here - x
  2. Out of My Limit -
  3. Heartbreak Girl - x / x
  4. Voodoo Doll - x
  5. Permanent Vacation - x / x
  6. Don’t Stop - x / x
  7. Disconnected - x / x
  8. Long Way Home - x / xx / x / x
  9. Rejects - x / x
  10. Heartache on the Big Screen - x
  11. Wrapped Around Your Finger - x / x
  12. Amnesia - x / x / x / x / x
  13. Beside You - x / x
  14. Everything I Didn’t Say - x / x
  15. American Idiot - xx
  16. Kiss Me Kiss Me - xx
  17. SLSP - x
  18. Good Girls - x / x
  19. What I Like About You - x
  20. Other - xx / x / x / xx / xx / x
RP Exclusive: Green Day Play Secret Show at 924 Gilman

Tonight Green Day played a secret show at Berkeley’s famous 924 Gilman, with various special guests including Operation Ivy/Rancid’s Tim Armstrong. You can check out the setlist, some pictures and videos from our night in Berkeley here by clicking “read more” below.

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ROWYSO Tour: Germany, Holland, Belgium, France

May 18, 2015: Oberhausen Germany

Today is the last show the guys are playing in Germany

Click here to see pictures and videos from tonight’s show!

May 19, 2015: Day Off in Amsterdam

The guys finally have a day off after playing three shows in a row in Germany. 

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