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       > > > “Monsters” by Timeflies x

I got a heart made of fool’s gold / Got me feeling so cold / But you chipping away / All the promises that I told / Felt like I was on those / But keep slipping away / I want nobody else / But it’s hard to get to know me / When I don’t know myself / And it helps ‘cause I felt / I was down, I was out / Then you looked at me now / And said

My small book haul today since I’m going on a trip and will have to save some money for Kindle Books! I’m so mad I went to the book store one day before P.S. I Love You comes out, especially since I finished the first book today, but I’m still really excited for all these!

Have you guys read any of these? What did you think?


Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey lovelies:)


I got tagged by the ever-so-awesome i-go-bananacrazy to do this 6 selfie challenge thingie. NOW YOU CAN ALL LOOK AT MAH FAAACE, because I’m sure you’ve been missing me :P

1st one was taken a couple of days ago (that’s my sis’s beer, I don’t like it :P). 2nd is just after work sometimes in the past weeks. 3rd is a before-work one. 4th was made like two weeks ago on my day off, first swim of the year ;) 5th was when I went to have dinner then ice cream with my sister :) (NUTELLA ICECREAM OMG THAT WAS HEAVEN). And the 6th one just taken on my birthday, the last day when I was home when it started snowing like crazy and it was beautiful:)

So here it is, my 6-selfie-challenge. I want to see aaaaaaaaaaaalll of you :3 so I tag polvodstars, thehealthierhappierheatherier, am-songs, nomoreexcusesforjules, ktrude, lifeis2short2bestupid(I know you don’t really post pictures of yourself so you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to :*), fireflowerposts <3 and everyone else who might want to participate:) And of course if you don’t want to do it you don’t have to, but you’re all so crazy gorgeous I wanna see yooooooooooooooooooou *heart eyes*

Mwwaaappphhhh! :)

anonymous asked:

How do you open up about 5sos

You’re just like ‘hey mum look at this’ and you show her a photo of ¼ and wait for her reaction and every now and then show her a picture or play her a song and be like 'do you like this song’ and eventually she’ll become interested in who is that band that’s intriguing her daughter/son so much!!


I really need a Fritz and Josh picture related to this song

Once tagged you’re supposed to write 92 truths about you

At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

unoriginaldoughnut tagged me (sorry it took me so long to do this)

What was your -
Last Drink : milk
Last Phone Call : my mom
Last Text Message : i sent lesbianpunkbitch a picture
Last Song Listened to : Tear In My Heart by Twenty One Pilots
Last Time I Cried : last night

Have you Ever -

Dated someone twice : i haven’t dated anyone
Been Cheated On : nah
Kissed someone and regretted it : nah
Lost Someone Special : yeah
Been/Are Depressed : yes
Been Drunk And Thrown Up : nope
List 3 Favourite Colours : lavender, mint, black

In The Last Year Have You -
Made a new friend : yes
Fallen Out of Love : yes
Laughed till you cried : ummm I don’t think so
Meet Someone Who Changed You : idek
Found out who your real friends are : yes
Found out someone was talking about you: nah
Kissed Anyone on your FB list : no way

How many people on your FB friends do you know IRL : idc
Do you have any pets : yes I have a dog
Do You Want To Change Your Name : yes
What did you do for your last birthday party: nothing
What time did you wake up today : 4 am 
What were you doing at midnight last night : trying to sleep
Name something you CANNOT wait for : summer
Last Time You Saw Your Mother : this morning
What is one thing you would change about your life : most of it
What are you listening to rn : an annoying bird
Have you ever talked to a person named Tom : nope
What’s getting on your nerves rn : family
Blood type : idk
Nicknames : i don’t think so
Relationship Status : Single
Zodiac Sign : libra
Pronouns : she/her
High School : hate it
College : not yet
Hair Color : brown
Long or Short : short
Height : idk
Do you have a crush on someone : yes
What do you like about yourself: nothing
Tattoos : none rn
Righty or Lefty : Righty
First Surgery : none
First piercing : none
First Best Friend : lesbianpunkbitch tbh
First Sport You Joined : none

Rn -
Eating : nothing
Drinking : milk
I’m about : to get more milk
Listening to : an annoying bird
Waiting : on the world to change
Want Kids : idk
Get Married : idk
Career : idk

Which is better -

Lips or Eyes : eyes
Hugs or Kisses : hugs 
Shorter or Taller : idc
Older or Younger : older
Romantic or Spontaneous : romantic
Nose, Stomach, or Nice Arms : nose?
Sensitive or Loud : sensitive
Hook up or Relationship: relationship
Trouble Maker or Hesitant: trouble maker

Have you ever -
Kissed a stranger : no
Drunk Hard Liquor : no
Lost Glasses/contacts : yes
Sex on first date : no
Broken someones heart : no
Been arrested : no
Turn someone down : no
Cried when someone died : yes

Do You Believe -
In Yourself : lol not at all
Miracles : i guess
Love at first sight : sure
Heaven : yes
Kiss on the first date: idk
Angels: yes

Okay, now I tag: lesbianpunkbitch girlypinkgir undecisive-fangirl dead-fish-nerd dig-upthe-dead dudexwhat kaysephonedagger s-adgirl whoisthecasualty bitteroceanid fairyk8lyn jalynwells ellieincolour im-isabell not-so-neighboorhood-friendly yer-a-cherry-blossom-harry communistbakery ben-c theliteraltrashprince

  • So Far Gone
  • Thousand Foot Krutch

(So Far Gone)

Quite a number of you were pretty upset with the first 4 frames I posted as wips(it was very entertaining to read some of your tags) but don’t worry!! Makoto and Haru will get through anything and they’ll come out stronger. Keep your heads up!!

Also I’m sorry that it’s such a long post(especially if you’re not into Free! or makoharu)!



I am a stranger, I am an alien…inside a structure,
Are you really going to love me when I’m gone?
With all my thoughts…and all my faults?
I feel it biting, I feel it break my skin…so uninviting

Are you really going to need me when I’m gone?
I fear you won’t, I fear you don’t



08x14 “Trial and Error”
10x03 “Soul Survivor”
10x23 “Brother’s Keeper”

“Pictures of you, pictures of me , remind us all of what we used to be
Pictures of you, pictures of me, remind us all of what we could have been“

- Pictures of You // The Last Goodnight (x)