So I’ve been following and keeping tabs on this since back in July around the time they started announcing stuff and I made this post Since the premier is getting closer, a few new faces have just been confirmed. Looks like they’re going with the actual Frozen movie. Can’t wait for it’s release to see how it turns out!!! Also if u haven’t been keeping up with past seasons, I believe they are passing a special recap episode leading to the premier c:

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Anna in S5E2

So, per the synopsis here, it sounds like Mary asks Anna to go purchase some contraception for her. We’ve had Anna’s role in this plot line described as “shocked” and “reluctant” but this one goes with “mortified.” It’s already a little… um… but also in light of S4… yeah ugh.

We have in the cast list for S5E2 a chemist, a chemist’s assistant, and “man at chemist’s.” So it does sound like she at least goes to get it for her… 

Here’s some speculation after speaking with others. One idea is that somehow the item(s) end up going home with Anna, and Bates finding it and misunderstanding (as last episode Mary told her not to tell Bates about all this). If this is the case, I figure it will be resolved by the end of the episode (given a “heartwarming” TCA clip - and the clips shown there tend to all be from the first couple of episodes - and also that their murder mystery storyline kicks back into gear in S5E3).

But I’m also now thinking that Anna does not go with Mary and Tony (based on their plans… does Mary really even need her for the usual lady’s maid stuff?). The clip in the new trailer looks like it’s in Mary’s bedroom, and Mary is missing in the radio scene and Anna is, of course, present. If this is the case, then Anna has to go to a chemist near Downton…

(as for the stuff Joanne shot in London - as much as I’d like to believe it was for this storyline, I’m assuming its not. Remember the “undercover cop” shot that day as well… unless she’s being tailed or something pre-S5E3…)