A little smutty Khanolly

She had caught his attention, of course she had; her long hazelnut brown hair, her brown lovingly eyes, her perfect little arse and breasts and the rest of her petite body she hides under her lab coat. It had takes him almost an hour to calm down his arousal and his thoughts about fucking Doctor Molly Hooper; and now she’s standing in front of him with nothing than a lazy black slip. His cock shrugs in his black fitting trousers, his sensitive nipples aching from the contact of his shirt and his blood runs hot through his veins. A smirk on her face tells him she knows exactly what she did to him; she slowly ran her fingers all over her body, playing with her nipples till both were numb and sensitive. An animalistic moan escapes him as he grabs Molly by her arse and pulls her on his lap; feeling her wet, hot cunt as she slowly rode his prick through his trousers. “Khan.” his name falling from her lips sends shivers down his spine and his cock becomes harder. He’s sucks and nibbles the skin on her neck till he found a sensitive spot behind her ear; his big hands kneading her lovely arse, leaving marks. She whines at the sensations he sends through her body, “More!” she moaned in his ear. He lost all his control and crashes his lips on hers, sucking at her lower lip till he tastes blood. She opens her mouth to him and his tongue enters her quickly, fighting for dominance with hers. Molly breaks the kiss, looking at him with a hunger in her eyes, begging him for more. “What do you need?” his deep aroused voice asks. “I want you to fuck me, hard!”

Khan slowly opens his eyes, only darkness around him; the same dream had tortured him know the sixth night. His blood boils through his body and his cock aching for release. He put down his trousers in the darkness of the room; taking his prick in his hand, it takes only a few strokes and the picture from Molly Hooper’s lips around his prick to send him over the edge. Damn woman, why must he feel something about her? He knows the answer and made a promise to himself; he would do anything to make Molly Hooper his queen.

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José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros.

DisHollywood is his latest visual project which attempts to re-mix beloved characters from fairy tales with other entertainment icons from the world of cinema, celebrity and music.

It is also a barometer for measuring our tolerance and acceptance levels; a new way of observing the “happy ending” that trumpets the time of equality is now. In contrast to the baroque fantasy implied by the original, idealized presentation of these characters, a new context of social vulnerability shows the darker side of our contemporary society.”

Chinese Mythology: Chang’e- Goddess of the Moon

Chang’e, originally known as Heng’e or Heng-o, is the Chinese Goddess of the Moon. Unlike many lunar deities in other cultures who personify the Moon, Chang’e only lives on the Moon.

Chang’e is the subject of several legends in Chinese Mythology, most of which incorporate several of the following elements: Houyi the Archer, a benevolent or malevolent emperor, an elixir of life, and of course, the Moon.